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  1. Oh, I understand. Sorry about that.
  2. Ok thanks. Is this the letter I am looking for ''Letter to DCA requesting confirmation of Assignment (update 21.04.2014)''?
  3. I have been reading up on these over the last few weeks, I was a bit confused as all the letters are going to my brothers address and not mine. Can I use the contact us email address from the banks website and update them via that?
  4. Hi Dx100uk, Is that all I should do and leave it at that?
  5. Hi, Looking for some guidance here, as with most people here left the UAE due to complications with my work, I came back to the UK over 6 years ago now and my brother has started to receive letters from IDRWW over the last 5-6 weeks asking to make contact or they will take it further. We are twins but our middle name is different. He has made no contact with them as said it has nothing to do with him and they are contacting the wrong person. I did originally try to contact the bank when I originally came back to set up a payment plan to pay it off but they
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