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  1. To me it’s the only viable and fairly painless outcome, like you say , effectively it’s been rented but I’ve also had 20K+ miles of use as well so can’t really argue that. Indeed it will be thoroughly documented in writing and pictures of vehicle etc
  2. Sorry for the late update on this one, things moved much quicker than I ever expected them too. Short version of it is that I contacted VWFS, and explained the situation late Friday afternoon, I had a call back on Monday morning to say they are looking into it. Outcome of that investigation came today at mid day, they agree that the vehicle is defective and it cannot be fixed by Audi. As the vehicle is nearly 2 years old they agreed that they would VT the vehicle and cover the £5K shortfall to that and also refund my deposit I paid for the vehicle once it has been collected. I did quiz them on why a VT, they explained if they went down the complaints route i.e Consumer law, they would have had to get the dealer involved and it would have taken them weeks / months to resolve which much back and forth. In fairness to VWFS, they have been extremely reasonable in my opinion, and very quick to act, I genuinely thought i'd be at this for weeks / months not a matter of days....
  3. Thanks for the reply. In terms of the inspection that has already been completed by Audi and recorded on video and sent to me. The cover and joint are both replaceable, however they are not willing to do this as it’s a “known” fault and a “ characteristic“. will upload video when home.
  4. I purchased an Audi A4 brand new in June 19 through an Audi Dealer and used Audi finance. Fast forward to March 2021 and I have an issue with the CV joint / boot on the vehicle. It is squeaking / whining under full lock and sounds awful. The dealer inspected the car and said they have found the noise and can reproduce it (sent to me on Audi cam), however that it is just a characteristic of Audi’s therefore they are not going to repair it, they have also spoke to Audi UK who have said they know about the problem and to basically put up with the noise. my argument to this was that I was never told my car would do this just under 2 years old, and it certainly wasn’t sold to me as being one of its characteristics. Therefore the vehicle is not as described. it should be noted that I have both an email and video from the dealer confirming this is normal behaviour and no further resolution will be made. To me in law terms means they are refusing to repair a known fault which I believe gives me some legal ground as clearly the fault was there when I bought the car but has taken to now to appear, and if we use their terminology It is a “common” issue with no solution, so a repair would only be a sticky plaster until the fault occurs again? Where do I legally stand with this, being that Audi Finance have some interest in the vehicle as they own part of it. I have complained to them but they said it will take 8 weeks to look into it. Although the ladies first comment was we will give you £100 compensation or you can proceed with the complaint I’m not uploading the video or email here incase it gets used against me.
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