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  1. Well. I got a letter in the post today We refer to your recent correspondence. The circumstances in relation to the alleged offence have been reviewed and I can confirm on this occasion no further action will be taken. The matter is now closed on our system
  2. It’s all good. They informed me that it was just a delay due to covid. I will receive the letter regarding my 3 points and a fine soon. Makes me wonder if they would have done it in time had I not chased and chased them. Oh well
  3. I have rang them again and they said to send another email! I will keep you all posted
  4. Thanks. I was just really worried. I have had speeding tickets in the past and it was always dealt with very quickly
  5. Hi. It was September 2018. I sent and email but have heard nothing so far
  6. Hi i was caught speeding by a camera on M62 in November 2020. My car is registered to leasing company so I received NIP in January. I returned it and have heard not nothing since. I am just wondering what is going on and if I should be worried. Any advice would be great. I currently have 3 points on my licence from speeding in 2018 Thanks
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