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  1. Hi all, hope you are well, Just an update, as the 14 days has passed I've now submitted the claim online.
  2. I have now received the £25.00 refund in response to me declining the Packlink's claim amount and requesting the full amount of the parcel. its actually quite bad that both Hermes and Packlink would operate in this manner. I wonder the actual number of people who has lost their funds to these businesses and their unethical tactics Dear Customer, We are pleased to inform that bank transfer or Paypal refund related to goods compensation has been made, 15-04-2021. Mercedes Pedrique Claims Specialist eBay Delivery powered by Packlink
  3. they have responded again today: Thank you for getting in touch with us regarding parcel xxxxxx, As previously advised by my colleague, as this parcel was booked through Packlink shipping, we are unable to issue you with a refund directly and Packlink has requested this on your behalf which is in line with our contractual agreement with them as they have processed this order on your behalf with us. Packlink will then issue you with the refund once you have placed a claim through them. We would have been more than happy to assist you with a claim for t
  4. great, thank you. I have done the above and put it in my diary to submit the money claims online form on the 23/04/2021 Hermes just responded to my Letter of claim: Hi Samson Thank you for contacting Hermes with regards to tracking number xxxxxxxxx Please direct all queries through to Packlink Shipping Packlink have taken the money for this delivery, not Hermes and therefore this will need to be directed through to them. They have been made aware that the parcel is missing and a claim has been made. I can only apologise
  5. As expected Packlink came back today saying they will process £25.00 claims and sent the postage to my paypal. I have posted the letter of claims to Hermes 1st class recorded and sent them the email aswell I will now reply to Packlink declining the £25.00 and request the full amount is this all the steps required at this stage?
  6. No problem I will wait, and I took that text from the next page which ism the summary page, it automatically adds the calculation of interest and dates to the text. My actual text finishes at the point of total claim amount £595.09
  7. Yea I thought as much, |'ll wait knowing I have done the necessary prep for when to get the process going, just realised I didn't add the court fees £60.00 in to my particulars of claim so I've added that in now as well. The claimant used the defendant's courier service to deliver an item, value – £530 to a UK address. Reference number xxxxxxx. The defendant breached the contract by losing the item and refuses to compensate the claimant on the basis that the claimant did not take out the defendant's insurance policy. The defendant's requirement that a customer is responsib
  8. this was the last communication I've had from Packlink on 8/04/2021: Dear, After completing the investigation with the carrier the shipment has been confirmed as lost. I am writing to let you know that the dossier has been transferred to the Claims department for the final evaluation. · PACKLINK ORDER: xxxxxx · SHIPPING LABEL: xxxxxxxxxx · CARRIER NAME: hermes_uk · CLAIM TYPE: Loss · CLAIM STATUS: Investigation complete/Transferred to claims department What happens now, when I will receive the compensation? The Claim Department will now analyse the documents and evi
  9. Letter of claims Parcel reference number – xxxxxxxx– claim reference number X X X Letter of Claim On 22/03/2021 I used your service to send a parcel under the above reference number. The parcel did not arrive at the destination and after several exchanges with your customer service staff, I was told that the item was lost. I was also told that I would not be entitled to make any compensation claim because I had not purchased an additional compensation cover. My position is that I have paid the delivery fee and it is not for me to insure against the neglige
  10. Hi having seen the other similar cases I have a pretty good handle of the steps I need to follow I am just looking for guidance around the wording etc to make sure I am getting it right. Brief background: Sold a PS5 for £530 via Ebay and chose Packlink/hermes to send the parcel to buyer on 22/03/2021. I opted for the standard insurance (from this site I am now aware this is not enforceable and should be covered for the full value of the transaction) contacted Packlink & Hermes, as the parcel was still undelivered on the 29/03/21
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