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  1. Hi all, Apologies for the late, reply my case was settled at mediation for the full value requested less the compensation already received, total amount agreed £565. All in all, a great result thanks to all your help, whole process took place over 3 phone calls in a 30 minute period. The first call was the mediator explaining to me his role and how the mediation would proceed, he then asked me for a brief explanation of the case then asked if I would be willing to settle today which I said I would settle for the full amount to save Hermes from further court costs. He explained that in previous cases he's handled the company may offer to settle but not for the full amount, however he will put my position to Hermes and see how they want to proceed. I received a call 5 minutes later and he said Hermes position was that they had already compensated me via Packlink and they have no further liability, I stood firm and stated this is unacceptable and the lost packages were due to negligence from Hermes and this needs to be compensated. the mediator said he will relay this information back to them and a few minutes later he came back with an offer of £300 which they called goodwill. I said I will only settle with the full amount requested and save them from court proceedings, which will blow up the case for 1000s of people who have been in my position. The mediator said he would forward this information on, 3 minutes later he called back saying they have agreed to pay the full amount. Thank you for all your help and continued endeavours I’ll be making a contribution shortly so others can benefit from the same help.
  2. Hi I have just received a date for mediation on the 21/07/21 will be reading up the other cases to prepare myself
  3. Hi I received the Directions questionnaire yesterday so I will fill it in and opt for mediation.
  4. Just as expected they've submitted their defence now, I've attached the PDF, it pretty much is the same as the others I've seen on here Hi all please see the updated version Hermes defence 2.pdf
  5. Good morning, I realised that the claim form was actually issued on the 29/04/2021 not the 28th I previously stated, either way +33day should of been yesterday. I tried to enter judgement this morning but it still says the number of days hasn't passed.
  6. understood, I was starting to hope maybe they've dropped the ball. I've been reading up on the mediation process to prep for that scenario regardless
  7. Hi I want to confirm my thoughts are correct, the claim was issued to Hermes on the 28th of April, and was acknowledged by Hermes on the 30th of April. On the basis of the below taken from the acknowledgment of claim I should be able to file for judgement tomorrow if nothing is received today? "If you file an acknowledgment of service but do not file a defence within 28 days of the date of service of the claim form, or particulars of claim if served separately, judgment may be entered against you."
  8. quick update: I received a letter on the 4th of May, stating that Hermes have filed an acknowledgement of service. It goes on to say that they now have a total number of 28 days from the date of service of the claim to file a response.
  9. Hi all, hope you are well, Just an update, as the 14 days has passed I've now submitted the claim online.
  10. I have now received the £25.00 refund in response to me declining the Packlink's claim amount and requesting the full amount of the parcel. its actually quite bad that both Hermes and Packlink would operate in this manner. I wonder the actual number of people who has lost their funds to these businesses and their unethical tactics Dear Customer, We are pleased to inform that bank transfer or Paypal refund related to goods compensation has been made, 15-04-2021. Mercedes Pedrique Claims Specialist eBay Delivery powered by Packlink
  11. they have responded again today: Thank you for getting in touch with us regarding parcel xxxxxx, As previously advised by my colleague, as this parcel was booked through Packlink shipping, we are unable to issue you with a refund directly and Packlink has requested this on your behalf which is in line with our contractual agreement with them as they have processed this order on your behalf with us. Packlink will then issue you with the refund once you have placed a claim through them. We would have been more than happy to assist you with a claim for the parcel, however our binding contract with Packlink does not allow us to do as this has been booked under their account for you and this is why we have referred you to them. I do hope you can accept my sincerest apologies for the inconveniences caused. Should we be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Kind Regards, Melissa ext. 2663 Hermes Customer Services A: Hermes 1 Capitol Close Morley Leeds LS27 0WH
  12. great, thank you. I have done the above and put it in my diary to submit the money claims online form on the 23/04/2021 Hermes just responded to my Letter of claim: Hi Samson Thank you for contacting Hermes with regards to tracking number xxxxxxxxx Please direct all queries through to Packlink Shipping Packlink have taken the money for this delivery, not Hermes and therefore this will need to be directed through to them. They have been made aware that the parcel is missing and a claim has been made. I can only apologise again for the inconvenience caused and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience and continued support Kind regards Nickie ext 2549 Customer Service Advisor
  13. As expected Packlink came back today saying they will process £25.00 claims and sent the postage to my paypal. I have posted the letter of claims to Hermes 1st class recorded and sent them the email aswell I will now reply to Packlink declining the £25.00 and request the full amount is this all the steps required at this stage?
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