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  1. No, sadly not. Should I write a letter to Huawei asking for a replacement as outlined in consumer rights act 2015, paragraph 46?
  2. Hi there! Thanks @dx100ukfor your swift response. I'm impressed by this forum!! I have tried the SSD on other computers and it doesn't work. I have also tried the old hard drive on my laptop and it works. So it's definitely the SSD that's broken. I also seem to have answered my own question: https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/consumer/phone-internet-downloads-or-tv/problem-with-an-app-software-or-download/ here's the relevant quote: If the fault’s caused a problem with your device You’re legally entitled to compensation if the fault has caused a problem with your device - for example if you installed a new program on your PC and it’s making your PC crash. The compensation should make up for the problem caused by the faulty digital product. Take the following steps: 1. Find out how much it’ll cost to fix the problem - ask a repair shop or try to get a quote online. This will also help you prove it’s the fault that caused the problem. 2. Write to the company you bought the digital product from, with a copy of the quote and an explanation of the problem. Include screenshots and any other evidence you may have that the damage was caused by the faulty digital product. You can mention that you’re entitled to compensation under the Consumer Rights Act 2015. Yes, I do agree it is my fault that the touch pad doesn't work. It's not the ribbon, I had disconnected that but I think I may have accidentally damaged the contacts when trying to reconnect the ribbon. oops...
  3. Short Version tldr; I installed an official program from Huawei which was neccessary to transfer files from my Huawei tablet to my laptop. My (dell) laptop then crashed, which it had never done before and is now broken. Should Huawei reimburse me? I am 100% sure my laptop is broken because of this program. I sadly only have limited proof of this happening. Long Version Hi Everyone, I hope you're all well. About a year ago, I purchased an SSD to upgrade my old/slow laptop. I took everything apart, fitted the Laptop (Dell Inspiron) with the SSD, put it back together, loaded Windows and since then enjoyed a seamless and (for my use) perfect laptop experience. Then, in early November 2020, I purchased a Huawei tablet and by Christmas, I wanted to transfer some of my files from the tablet onto my Dell laptop via a USB cable. As most Android users will know, all you usually have to do is hook up the android device, grant access on your android, and then head over to file explorer on your windows PC/laptop where you will now be able to see all the files on the andriod device (be it a tablet or phone). In contrast, (and similarly to Apple if I'm not mistaken), Huawei users have to install a program called HiSuite, in order to view the files on their connected device. This can be installed from their official website, which I did. The problem is that HiSuite is an absolute nightmare. It's full of bugs and quite simply doesn't work (I'm not the only one who thinks so, just go have a look around online.) I was having loads of trouble with the simple procedure of transferring files via a USB cable from my tablet to my laptop because HiSuite was going crazy, when all of a sudden my laptop crashed. It had never done so since I had installed the SSD and had never run into the slightest problems. When I turned my laptop back on, an error message informed me that it didn't recognise a hard drive (it no longer recognised the SSD). As the SSD was still under warranty, I contacted the company where I purchased it (crucial.com, a very reliable and trusted retailer in this field). After performing their recommended trouble shooting (power-cycling the SSD) , we concluded the SSD was dead. With all my files on it, I was rather annoyed. I also concluded that this must've been 100% the fault of HiSuite, because my laptop had always performed excellently until I installed it. Taking the SSD out of the laptop resulted in me accidentally breaking the touchpad and because of Brexit-complications with shipping the SSD to Poland for warranty replacement, I still don't have a working laptop. My question is whether Huawei have any liability in this instance, as effectively, their defunct program HiSuite has broken (parts of) my laptop. Could they reimburse me to some degree? Happy Easter and many thanks for your help!!!
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