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  1. Ok. Thanks. This means that Hermes has a deadline to file their defence, until 24th of May. I hope they miss the deadline, so I can be the lucky one to request the court to make judgement against Hermes. I guess I play the waiting game now.
  2. An update on my case: HERMES PARCELNET LIMITED filed an acknowledgment of service on 23/04/2021 I guess this is the standard response from Hermes, as they intend to defend all of this claim. If I understand correctly: if Hermes files an acknowledgment of service - they have 28 days to file a defence, from the date of service of particulars of claim. Or they can dispute the jurisdiction of the court within 14 days of the date of filing this acknowledgment of service. Which I don't think Hermes will do, as they unlikely to have a written evidence in suppo
  3. Thanks BankFodder for your help. I will just wait for mediation process to begin and then take it from there, using the advice and guidance on how to go about mediation from previous cases in this forum.
  4. So, if I understand correctly from reading other cases on thia forum, I need to monitor MoneyClaim so that I can apply for judgement the first moment it becomes available. This will be in about 14 days unless they acknowledge the claim in which case it will be 28 days for them to come up with a defence? If understand correctly, Hermes might contact me and offer to pay fraction of a cost of the mobile phone they lost/stole, if I drop the action - and that I should refuse this offer. Hermes might also contact me an offer to pay the full cost of the mobile phone + all my court f
  5. Hi. It is day 15 today, so I am about to click off my particulars of claim. Thanks.
  6. LBA has been sent today with a 1st class signed letter. Thanks for your help. Now I will wait 14 days, before going for the next step. Thanks.
  7. Thank you so much BankFodder for your help and for amending the letter of claim. It is a lot more precise and up to the point now. Here is my final amended LBA draft: Letter before court claim Dear Hermes Parcelnet Limited, Re: item lost in network - Samsung Galaxy S9+ 128GB (Grey) Reference: ????????? Parcel ID: ???????????????????????? I have posted my item (Samsung Galaxy S9+ 128GB - Grey) on 21.4.2021 using your delivery company. My item has not been delivered and subsequently has been found as being lost in your Hermes network.
  8. Sorry, I did not mean to be disrespectful. I understand that a lot of people were in the similar situation as I am, and a lot of people will continue to be - until government decides to shut down Hermes. English is not my first language, and this court experience is new for me. I have done some reading about similar cases that were discussed in this forum. My understanding of the court action and sequence of events: 1. Complain directly to hermes and wait for them to offer 20£ + delivery fee, hermes will use the defence that I did not take their unlawful insurance (done). 2. Write an
  9. Sorry, I have misunderstood that LBA is. Initially I thought that an email would suffice to give them notice of potential small claims court case. I have now compiled an LBA using citizenadvice form, if it looks ok - I will try and send it on monday via royal mail first class with proof of posting. I assume I should post LBA to this address: Hermes Parcelnet Limited Capitol House, 1 Capitol Blvd, Morley, Leeds LS27 0WH Here is my draft LBA letter: Can someone please take a look to see if my LBA is ok. Thanks.
  10. Do you know if I need to issue Hermes with a Letter Before Action (LBA), before proceeding to "money claim online" claim submission? Thanks.
  11. Hi. Thanks for your response. I am currently filling the details in "money claim online" platform. I have used the following: Hermes Parcelnet Limited Capitol House, 1 Capitol Blvd, Morley, Leeds LS27 0WH Particulars of claim (short statement): The defendant is a parcel delivery company Hermes Parcelnet Limited. On 21/02/2021 the defendant agreed to deliver the claimant's parcel containing a mobile phone Samsung Galaxy S9+ 128GB, value £195.99, to an address in the UK. The delivery fee was £4.20 which was paid by the claimant
  12. Hi. Thanks for your help. It is very much appreciated. Yes. I do have a crime reference number from West Midlands police. In regards to Humberside police - it is just a thing I have picked up in a facebook group dedicated to help victims who suffered from Hermes negligence. So far - I have provided Hermes with the West Midlands police issued crime reference number. I was not sure if I can disclose the number in this forum, hence it was redacted.
  13. Hi. I would appreciate some help. The issue that I have experienced was: I have posted my parcel (200£ worth mobile phone I sold on ebay) with Hermes company on 21st of February 2021, and it still has not been delivered. After a painful process waiting long in a queue and talking to useless assistant Holly - I finally got connected to a real person (although not helpful) from customer support. My claim has been registered. 4 days after - when I called Hermes customer support (and yes, you have to chase for your lost or undelivered parcel yourself, a
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