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  1. That's what happened that all I know I don't have any other device I use I have a Samsung galaxy s10 plus
  2. .I have both mine and my dad moblie banking app on my phone .someone took all my money .thay also took my dads by transferring my dads money from his to my account .thay set up loads of gambling accounts in my name .my bank says its my fault as thay seid the ip address matched my ip address .thay closed down my account and refused to give my money back .this come after I had a big win on my gambling app Happened from 9th March same day I got my big win in my account And lasted about a week .thay also used my PayPal that I had my bank account and debit card saved on .opened up a claim with the and thay declined it
  3. 9th March and n how I fo that tge other thing too is I had a big win on the only gambling site I use and it all started after that
  4. No just mine Thay somehow got my dads details from my phone and transfered all his money bit by bit into mine then used my card though paypal to open and deposit money in loads if different gambling sites in my name
  5. it was my paypal I did I claim though them and they declined it. it was over about a week .I dint know how they hacked my phone I not sure how it got hacked. It was my paypal I opened a claim with it got declined It was going in for over a week
  6. My dad's bank got hacked Well what has happened is I deal with my dads money and I have mine and his mobile banking app on my phone (was unaware I was not ment to as no one told us otherwise) Long story short someone managed to get into both banks transferred all my dads money to my bank and then used my card and PayPal to set up lots of gambling sites in my name and deposited all mine and my dad money onto them I went to my bank but they refused to refund me as they say its my fault as it matched my ip address ( this has happened while I had covid and was ill unable to get out of bed) we went into my dad's bank (yorkshire bank) to report it but they seem to say because my dads app was on my phone its my fault my dad lost £18k and we are not seeing a way to get it back any help would be helpful I know I've not done anything wrong but I feel I being blamed I mean if I need anything I just would have asked my dad
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