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  1. If i was to contact AX today and tell them a family member can loan me the money for a new car so the hire car can be collected . i could see what they say to this. Is this a good idea?
  2. As i stated above, i found out a document from my draw that admirel had sent me on the 25th of january. I found it out to see if it had any information about the van. Then i saw that it said ' section l -witnesses , then a male name .
  3. Iv only just seen that the van driver is claiming a witnesses, i didn't know this other than from 10 minutes ago. I haven't received any documents from my own insurance , the document i received was from admirel - the van drivers insurance. Yes i have the name and address of the van driver. There was still ice on the road yes. I will carefully read through your bulletpoints and comment afterwards.
  4. Also i have just pulled out some paperwork that admirel had sent me 25th january . AX told me not respond to them so i never really read it through. I have just seen in section 1 ' a witness' and states a man's name but no address. There wasn't any witnesses as no one was around. How can i investigate this? Also AX has never informed me of any witnesses that the van driver is claiming ? Thank you for the bullet pointed information, i think these will be useful in my case, however how could i put these farward? Should i write out an email to AX stating these points ?
  5. Thanks , i will request the SAR from AX, goskippy and admirel. This is the statement i sent them. It is not fully detailed as i had already explained, in detail, the accident to them around 50 times via the telephone before hand.
  6. I have just put his reg in the gov website
  7. I repeat, i don't know the make and model of the van. That image is the van, it is the drivers side front wheel .
  8. I have no idea what made him stop. I don't know the make model and age of the van. All i know is that it is a transit van. I don't know if my insurance has paid anything out to the vehicles, but i can ask them. Do i just email AX and request a SAR? I think i remember seeing i also need to request one from admirel too? Is this correct? I will now attach the images. The black corsa is my car. The white van driver and the other car is MR T's
  9. The photograph is not the same van. Yes that's right, so as he proceeded to continue to pull out he then stopped his van
  10. I don't remember exactly what type of vehicle was parked in front of the van, as there was vehicles lined up, parked along my left side. The car that was parked behind the van was MR T's vehicle, if you look at my previous photos i attached, it will explain it better. So as the van pulled out i breaked- the ice skidded my tyers- i quickly tried to swerve to avoid the van ( i swerved in the left direction ) my right side of my car hit the drivers side of his van. The ice skidded my tyers and sent me into the back of the parked car ( mr T's car)
  11. I have pictures of the damage to all our vehicles but i don't want to post those on a public thread. Can i do this privately?
  12. The van was fairly new i belive but im not sure . in good condition. The Van did not run into the parked car. My car bounced from the side of the van and sent my car into the back of the parked car.
  13. A white one but that's not it in the satalite view
  14. The blue dot is were the van was parked. The red arrow is the direction i was going.
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