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  1. Hi, So i received this first: Legal Team <[email protected]> To: XXXXXXXXXX (me) Dear Ms XXXXX, We are in receipt of your subject access request dated 04/03/2021 and would greatly appreciate confirmation as to whether you still require all documents. We note our Client has requested for your PCN to be cancelled and we can confirm this has been done with no further action being taken against you.
  2. The MCOL site stayed the same message. It did not recognise my login details (claim number). I have since received an email from CEL asking if i still wanted my SAR fulfilled seen as their client had dropped the case. I said yes anyways.. Thank you for all your advice. I will make a donation to the cause. I will also be reading up on this so much more, as i have more things to challenge (Erudio & DCBL) now and i feel a little less helpless/ hopeles with it, even though the jargon is still mostly gobbledygook.
  3. Hi, I registered with MCOL when i acknowledged the claim. Those same claim details are now not recognised on the MCOL site and wont give me access to anything. This is why i believe its been properly cancelled. The nice lady from Costcoooo called me back to verify that it had been stopped also. I hate to assume anything, but..
  4. Hi. Thank you for that. I went onto the MCOL site and it says: Claim number or password is incorrect. From this i assume that the whole thing is done and dusted. After doing some research, I found out that the wholesalers do actually own the land of their car park and they employ CEL to manage their car park on their behalf. I only got the 'fine' cancelled because i phoned up head office to ask why their local customer services would tell people enquiring about it that they dont know the landowner and get asked this a lot due to the tight car park contro
  5. Hi CAGgers, I just want to thank you for your time and your guidance with my case. Im still not really sure how it all works, but i gave it a shot and ive learned some new things. I also called the head office of the wholesalers to complain about the absurdity (and expense) of the situation. They put me through to a very nice lady who listened and the cancelled the whole darn claim. So this one, that has caused me so much stress, is over.. Now to read up some more. Ive got other issues to fightback. It never ends.. Cheers gang x
  6. Name of the Claimant ? Civil enforcement ltd Date of issue – 15/02/2021 Date to submit defence - 19/03/2021 Particulars of Claim What is the claim for – the reason they have issued the claim? 1. Claim for monies relating to a parking charge for parking in a private car park managed by the claimant in breach of the terms + conditions. 2.Drivers are allowed to park in accordance with the terms + conditions of use. ANPR cameras and/or manual patrols are used to monitor vehicles entering and exiting the site. De
  7. Hi All, I have received a parking ticket as RK (thats registered keeper right?) for overstaying by 16 mins in a well known wholesalers car park in Liverpool. I read some very confusing (and sometimes contradictory information on several sites) on how to deal with this. I followed the instructions to firstly challenge the validity of their claim. I wrote to them (no response) and emailed them. I had to guess at the email address because they provide only the registered office address or a 'claim line', which if i had contacted them on that, would have been agreeing to their idea o
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