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  1. Hello all, first post in a forum of any kind! Today I received a letter with an attached cheque for £600ish from HSBC. It is apparently a refund and interest of some charges applied to accounts in collections/recoveries. My first thought was a scam of some kind, but they’re not asking for any information or payment. The associated account I believe to be statue barred. The last interaction I had with them either payment/letter/phone call must have been 2009ish. In 2012 we lost our daughter and travelled around for a while so I’m surprised they even have my latest address. Anyway, my question is, if I bank this cheque is it in some way acknowledging old debt that would cancel a statute barring? Or could it be fishing for confirmation of my being at this address? Surely if they had record of old debt this payment would just be subtracted from the balance? But then, seems a bit good to be true, the effort they have gone to to pay me?
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