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  1. Sorry for the delayed response. This concluded satisfactorily at mediation. Thanks for all the help BankFodder
  2. Yep, the claim of £131.29 is the total amount including £100 declared value, £25 court fee and £6 delivery charge. I've emailed them proof of value (which incidentally is much higher than my declared £100) and asked them to comment in advance of mediation/court. Additionally I've notified them that I will be requesting evidence of their extensive investigation into finding my parcel
  3. I didn't say I didn't have a scanner but no way to scan it at the moment. These things are quite different, but thanks for your advice.
  4. I found an electronic version of the Defence on the MCOl website under the claim history section Defence and Counterclaim.pdf
  5. Sorry, I've got no way to scan it at the moment but its the same as the others. They admit to losing the parcel but deny the claim value based on their contractual terms and that I did not opting for their 'increased compensation'. Its not so much about caring, but If the mediator is doing their job properly then they should at least acknowledge the situation. My understanding of mediation is that their job is to help the parties find a way to share their perspective and help them find a way to settle by starting from where both parties perspectives lie.
  6. Hi again, as you pointed out they managed to get a bar on the process and the Judgement was rejected. I've received their defence and direct questionnaire today,-6 days late. Hermes really are a piece of work, I'll be making sure the mediator knows the lengths Hermes go to to crush their customers Now to fill in this questionnaire and get is sent back.
  7. Hello, first thing this morning I was able to complete the request for Judgment.
  8. Its stopped me going further based on judgement Type. I shall try again tomorrow which is day 28
  9. I have and it will allow me to request judgement. Are there any risks If I do this too early. (I.e I haven't left the 28 days)
  10. I'm struggling to understand this. The MCOL guidance was quite clear that I needed to give them 28 days if they sent acknowledgement of service. Notice of Issue - 18th March 'The court sent it to the defendant by first class post on the 18th March and it will be deemed to be served on the 23rd March 2021" Acknowledgement of Service - 22nd March 'An acknowledgement of Service to your claim has been filed today, which is attached for information. The defendant now has 28 days from the date of service of the claim to file a response" Taking 28 days from the 23rd that takes us to 20th April. Please could you direct me to what I might be missing? Thanks
  11. Thanks It has let me request judgement since day 14. However, as they responded with acknowledgement of service I thought I had to give them 28 days to file a defence as per their acknowledgement letter. The letter stated they now had 28 days total, from date of service, to file a defence
  12. Hi Bankfodder. Papers were issued 18th March and the date of service was deemed to be served was 23rd March. The defendant responded with acknowledgement and asked for 28 days from date of Service to file a response. 28 days is up today ( if 23rd March is counted as day 1) and I have not received anything further from the defendant. Can I now go ahead and request judgment?
  13. Hi Again I've been compiling my court documents today ready for potential court hearing. In one of the very first messages from Hermes they state I would like to draw on this point and ask them to provide evidence as to what their 'extensive investigation' comprised. Should I write to them and ask for this information in preparation, or wait until the mediation or hearing? Thanks
  14. |Keeping you updated. I received an acknowledgement of Service dated 22nd March. Hermes intend to defend the claim and it says have 28 days to file a response.
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