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  1. Hi Again I've been compiling my court documents today ready for potential court hearing. In one of the very first messages from Hermes they state I would like to draw on this point and ask them to provide evidence as to what their 'extensive investigation' comprised. Should I write to them and ask for this information in preparation, or wait until the mediation or hearing? Thanks
  2. |Keeping you updated. I received an acknowledgement of Service dated 22nd March. Hermes intend to defend the claim and it says have 28 days to file a response.
  3. i've removed it for the purposes of posting. It will have claim reference and Parcel ID when sent
  4. Hi again. It has been two weeks since my letter before claim was emailed and posted on the 2nd March. That makes the 14th day tomorrow. Do I need to leave 14 whole 24 hour periods and then submit my claim in the 15th day or am I ok to progress tomorrow? Thanks
  5. I am indeed and have lots of notes ready to go. I'll now wait the 14 days and issue papers on day 15.
  6. They are responding quickly now and are using their contract to limit their liability to the insurance I did/did not opt in to.
  7. Thanks BankFodder. I have renewed the letter of claim and resent via email - as a copy of the higher claim has already been sent recorded post. I will also adjust the particulars of the claim on MCOL. In my email to Hermes, I have quoted section 49 of the Consumer Rights act, that the trader can not exclude their responsibility to perform a service with care and skill and have requested they settle for the declared amount to avoid court action. Taking today as day 1. Then can you confirm that day 15 (16th of March) would be the day I submit the claim? Thanks
  8. Thanks, Should I adjust the MCOL claim value and particulars? Should I respond to Hermes offering to settle at £100 plus postage Do I still need to wait 14 days now that Hermes have responded
  9. I wasn't expecting Hermes to lose the item. At the time of arranging the delivery I wasn't aware of the full replacement value of a coded ECU. It was my estimate and in hindsight I undershot it.
  10. They were quite quick to respond this time and have not moved from their position. Do I still give them the 14 days or can I proceed with the claim now they have responded? Thanks
  11. I've removed Claim reference and Parcel ID Claim Particulars
  12. Rejection email with letter of claim has now been sent and copied to Martijn De Lange. Reminder in my diary for 16th March to proceed with Money Claim.
  13. I'm ready to reject Hermes offer and issue the letter before claim. I've registered on the MCOL website and filled in my claim with the below particulars. Should I tick the box to send the particulars directly to the defendant? Should I also tick the box for the right to claim interest. If so do what date would I put for when the money became owed, what is daily rate of interest up to the date of judgment? Thanks again
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