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  1. Well that worked thank you. They have immediately accepted my offer and placed me under 'COVID breathing space' Thanks again
  2. I replied asking for the bank account details so I can send the amount I can afford monthly from my overseas bank account and received this reply today. Can you please confirm all of your creditors and the outstanding balances? Please also state which creditors are secure and unsecured. Can you please also confirm your income in GBP? As we use pro-rata , we will need these figures to review an arrangement. The thing is, some of the creditors are not in the UK and some of them in the UK are still receiving full payment. Should I stick to my guns and state this is
  3. Thanks. I’m still paying the secured debt in full so it’s only two unsecured debts I’ll end up defaulting on. I’ll continue to pay them with what I can while I can and in the meantime ensure I have lots of evidence of informing them of my being overseas
  4. Ok thanks. I’m surprised they were not more aggressive. I’ll see how things go. Thanks again.
  5. No Rate setter is unsecured who wrote to me. The secured loan is about 12k with another bank UTB
  6. Thanks for the quick reply. Rate setter. So ok to confirm that one of the creditors is indeed secured. And do I need to declare my income?
  7. Just received an email from one of the loan creditors. Asking if any of my other creditors are secured loans, if my circumstances will change in the next 3-6 or 6-12 months and to reconfirm my income. Is this a standard response?
  8. Ok thanks,. Whats the benefit of paying them regardless of if they accept?
  9. Thanks Sorry one more. Do I need to list the names of the creditors or can I just refer to them as creditor 1, creditor 2 etc?
  10. Hi So I'm ready to submit my letter and income/expenses. I have a quick question. As I am only asking for reduced payments on some creditors but not all, how will it be received by the creditors I am asking for reduced payments for, when they can see I am going to continue paying others in full?
  11. Hi, I am drafting the pro-rata letters and putting a income expenditure sheet together. One question, as I am overseas the expenditure currency is different to the debts. Are they entitled to see pay slips (also in anther currency which isnt indicated on the slips)?
  12. Ok thanks. I'll stop worrying about DCAs if thats the procedure. Thanks again for all your advice.
  13. Thanks for the additional context. I'm ok with them sending me letters. No one ever died from receiving words on paper. And as I will continue to have mail forwarding in place, the letters will just make their way to me. If a recovery agent comes round I am sure the tenant will just tell them I dont live there and to sod off. I suppose the time I will need to actively involve myself is if someone issues a county court claim against me at the UK address when they know full well I am on the other side of the planet. On that note, is it possible to stop a claim like that in its track
  14. Ok got it. Once the default is 6 years it disappears from the credit file. Once there is no proof that I have acknowledged or made payement on the debt it becomes statute barred. Understood. It took a while but I think I've finally got it. Appreciate the reassurance on bankruptcy. One, final question. Ratesetter have just replied asking for a copy of my local country bank statements and a high res ptoto of my face next to my passport ID page to confirm for changing their records to an internation address. Is this just to protect from fraud? Seems a bit extreme.
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