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  1. I’ve requested a statement off my local garage for repairs carried out and offered to pay for a more detailed letter off them to explain that the faults the vehicle had must have been present at point of sale. im having trouble uploading my finance company rejection letter but it simply states that due to an unauthorised third party garage carrying out the repairs then they are rejecting my complaint because they cannot verify that the faults were present at time of purchase. i will get my brother to upload it later today. my part exchange vehicle has been sold by the dea
  2. Regarding the finance company, I will post a copy of the rejection letter when I get home later. also the advice you have given above regarding buying a vehicle so far away is now so obvious and agree completely about shooting myself in the foot. hopefully someone will learn from my mistake and STAY LOCAL when buying a used vehicle. thanks again
  3. After I emailed the dealer with a detailed explanation of me breaking down on way home from purchasing the car they then also replied by email saying that due to distance involved and covid restrictions etc it would be best to get a garage local to me to diagnose/fix. It was quite an awkward time because I purchased the car at close of business on Friday so I couldn't get hold of the dealer until Monday 21st December. Then trying to find a local garage even willing to diagnose it was a nightmare. I don't know wether to take the dealer to court for a full refund on
  4. That was a copy of the email I sent to them 28 days after purchase. It does mention my rejection of the vehicle if nothing is resolved quickly. im obviously not a mechanic and obviously not very clued up on the legalities of things like this. i feel like the dealer has instructed me to get my local garage to try and fix the issues knowing that the finance company will reject my claim due to this, leaving me with no leg to stand on. if I could go back to day one I would of just told the dealer to collect vehicle and for them to try and fix it, AND informed fin
  5. RE: BMW X6 Reg: XXXXXX Dear Sir, some of this you are already aware of but ill start from the beginning to give you and your partners chance to try and understand the situation. I purchased Vehicle registration Xxxxxxx from you on Friday 18 December 2020 @ 18;30hrs, filled tank with fuel and proceeded on my long drive back to My home address I was travelling in the middle lane of a busy motorway approximately 70 miles from your showroom when with no warning the car had a TOTAL loss of power, that included loss of steering AND loss of brakes. but thankfu
  6. Hi. Sorry for late reply. used car dealer is exo prestige and performance cars and finance company is Santander. https://www.exoprestige.co.uk/ i purchased vehicle on 18/12/20 and after all above problems I sent email to dealers on about 16/01/21 ( less than 30days) telling them that I was rejecting the vehicle due to it not being roadworthy or fit for purpose etc. Hope that helps
  7. I purchased a used car from a car dealer for £12000. My part exchange car was £7000 and got remaining £5000 on finance. on the way home from purchasing the car it lost all power to the engine without warning while I was in the middle lane of a busy motorway, luckily managed to safely get to hard shoulder quickly. It was Friday evening and the dealer was now closed. i had to pay for car to be recovered to my home address (over 100miles) the same night I sent lengthy email to the dealer explaining the whole situation in detail and had to wait until monday mornin
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