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  1. I’ve requested a statement off my local garage for repairs carried out and offered to pay for a more detailed letter off them to explain that the faults the vehicle had must have been present at point of sale. im having trouble uploading my finance company rejection letter but it simply states that due to an unauthorised third party garage carrying out the repairs then they are rejecting my complaint because they cannot verify that the faults were present at time of purchase. i will get my brother to upload it later today. my part exchange vehicle has been sold by the dealer already for £14995. i completely understand most of this is due to poor judgement and lack of knowledge of how it all works and I’m positive that somebody will benefit from your input regardless of the outcome of my situation. regarding taking action to court I would be in a position to carry out the action as soon as possible. again please accept my apologies for delayed response. Personal circumstances are restricting me greatly at the moment.
  2. Regarding the finance company, I will post a copy of the rejection letter when I get home later. also the advice you have given above regarding buying a vehicle so far away is now so obvious and agree completely about shooting myself in the foot. hopefully someone will learn from my mistake and STAY LOCAL when buying a used vehicle. thanks again
  3. After I emailed the dealer with a detailed explanation of me breaking down on way home from purchasing the car they then also replied by email saying that due to distance involved and covid restrictions etc it would be best to get a garage local to me to diagnose/fix. It was quite an awkward time because I purchased the car at close of business on Friday so I couldn't get hold of the dealer until Monday 21st December. Then trying to find a local garage even willing to diagnose it was a nightmare. I don't know wether to take the dealer to court for a full refund on vehicle or just for all the costs of getting it repaired or both? Also what about lost earnings? I'm not sure what to do. It's a lot of money.
  4. That was a copy of the email I sent to them 28 days after purchase. It does mention my rejection of the vehicle if nothing is resolved quickly. im obviously not a mechanic and obviously not very clued up on the legalities of things like this. i feel like the dealer has instructed me to get my local garage to try and fix the issues knowing that the finance company will reject my claim due to this, leaving me with no leg to stand on. if I could go back to day one I would of just told the dealer to collect vehicle and for them to try and fix it, AND informed finance company immediately aswell.
  5. RE: BMW X6 Reg: XXXXXX Dear Sir, some of this you are already aware of but ill start from the beginning to give you and your partners chance to try and understand the situation. I purchased Vehicle registration Xxxxxxx from you on Friday 18 December 2020 @ 18;30hrs, filled tank with fuel and proceeded on my long drive back to My home address I was travelling in the middle lane of a busy motorway approximately 70 miles from your showroom when with no warning the car had a TOTAL loss of power, that included loss of steering AND loss of brakes. but thankfully i was able to get across to the hard shoulder without any incident. im a confident and experienced driver but because i was in a new unfamiliar vehicle even i was un-nerved by the situation. Anyway, after a short while the car was driveable again and i double checked that their was no engine lights on and checked oil levels etc before setting off again. But the same loss of power occured again about 100 miles further up the motorway. and same again after a short while it started again. eventually got the car to my home. still with no fault lights showing. The next morning Saturday 19 December 2020 i started the car and even after the engine had fired up and was idling (roughly) the battery light stayed lit on the dashboard. so i turned it off and called my local mechanic who recovered the vehicle to his garage for further diagnostics. I wont put all the fault codes in this email but i have a picture taken of the screen with many fault codes showing if you require it. The first issue was the alternator had failed and had caused the battery to fail also. because it was a second hand car that i was purchasing off you i realise that the car would not be in perfect as new condition and then i instructed the mechanic to fit new alternator and new battery at a cost of £270 Alternator, £148 Battery and £150 labour including coding new battery to car if required. the mechanic also pointed out that i had one wheel nut missing from every wheel and that my boot lid would not open even half way...and in the boot i had part of the vehicles control box SUBMERGED under about 3 inches of water. At this point if i had lived closer to your showroom i would of dropped the vehicle back off for you to either fix the issues and look further into the huge list of engine faults or cancel the sale of the car and look for another vehicle. but because i live over 200+ miles away i decided to email you with the issues i had encountered within the first 24/48 hours of me collecting the vehicle and await your response. after speaking with you, then trying to drive the car it still had all the codes present even though the mechanic had cleared them. the next main issue seemed to be a blocked DPF. after explaining situation to you (alex) you kindly offered to give me £1000 as a goodwill gesture to help me fund the DPF issue, following that discussion with you about my loss of power you suggested the DPF could possibly be clogged due to being sat on your forecourt a while! i had a specialist DPF person to diagnose exact DPF issue. his finding were that the exhaust temperature sensor had failed and needed replacing and that the DPF was blocked as you suspected on your email. That cost was £410 Diagnostics, DPF clean/reset and £170 to replace exhaust temperature sensor (including labour) However,main fault of loss power is no better dispite all my efforts to resolve the problem. so the car was back into my local mechanic to do diagnostics again and discovered that i have 3 faulty injectors (no 4,5,6) and that for him to replace them the labour would be £150 due to location of the injectors on that vehicle and the injectors are £300 EACH. thats a total of another £1050 just to resolve the injector issue. Now my concern is that the vehicle still has some fault codes hinting at possible fuel pump issues and pre supply pressure issues. im not a mechanic and would hope that the faulty injectors would possibly be causing them systems to be showing as faulty. but all them problems along with the fact of the water in the boot covering the electric boxes and wires concerns me. I have already lost out on £1800 by not being able to travel to work in last 3 weeks and that looks set to continue this week as the car is STILL in the garage AND this time i actually dont have ANY MONEY to pay for anymore faults to be rectified to bring the vehicle upto a driveable basic standard. Finally, I have now had the vehicle for 28 Days and i have actually done EVERYTHING in my power to get this car in a driveable state. i have not had one day that has been trouble free. i honestly think for me to move forward with this vehicle i would need £2000 off you to get the injectors done along with the water in electrical compartment fixed and the boot partially opening problem. i know you have made the previous gesture of goodwill, but it wasnt enough to get this situation where it needs to be. otherwise i will reject the vehicle as of now and will get correct address for the garage for you to recover vehicle from. Please understand i have lost £1800+ in wages and everyday i dont have a car that rises. and you will have fully inspected the vehicle that i used as part exchange and im confident you have got NO ISSUES with that vehicle whatsoever and i notice you already have it advertised for £14995. I hope we can come to a suitable agreement soon, and again i apologise for very long email. ive tried to explain everything to to best of my abilities/knowledge.
  6. Hi. Sorry for late reply. used car dealer is exo prestige and performance cars and finance company is Santander. https://www.exoprestige.co.uk/ i purchased vehicle on 18/12/20 and after all above problems I sent email to dealers on about 16/01/21 ( less than 30days) telling them that I was rejecting the vehicle due to it not being roadworthy or fit for purpose etc. Hope that helps
  7. I purchased a used car from a car dealer for £12000. My part exchange car was £7000 and got remaining £5000 on finance. on the way home from purchasing the car it lost all power to the engine without warning while I was in the middle lane of a busy motorway, luckily managed to safely get to hard shoulder quickly. It was Friday evening and the dealer was now closed. i had to pay for car to be recovered to my home address (over 100miles) the same night I sent lengthy email to the dealer explaining the whole situation in detail and had to wait until monday morning for response. the dealer seemed to understand my concerns and told me that due to the distance between us that it made sense to get my local garage to diagnose and fix the car and that they would make a “gesture of goodwill” to help fix the car. My local garage recovered the car from my house and done full diagnostic on the car and the fault list was quite long. car required glow plugs, injectors, various sensors, dpf was blocked, alternator faulty to name a few. I then relayed this to the dealer who kindly sent me a £1000 as a “gesture of goodwill” i then instructed my garage to work through the faults list to get the vehicle into a usable state and keep me informed of costs. the garage called me after another week or so and told me the current bill was £2000 and it STILL required the DPF to be cleaned and a few other things that would cost nearly another £1000. so I paid the bill with £1000 that the dealer had given me and a £1000 of my own money and told the garage to not do anymore work until I “try” and get some more money off the dealer OR the finance company. after 28days of owning the car I have not used it once without fault. And now the dealer was ignoring my emails and calls so I complained to finance company and issued the dealer with my rejection of the vehicle letter and emailed it to them. the dealer has since told me that the £1000 “gesture of goodwill” was his last and final offer. Also to add insult to injury the finance company have rejected my complaint because a third party garage has diagnosed and partially fixed the car so they cannot reasonably ascertain that the faults on the vehicle were inherent at point of sale so therefore the finance company AND the car dealer cannot be held liable under CRA2015. this whole situation is a true nightmare. I haven’t been able to work for a short while now and I’m at the point where I’ve got a £12000 garden ornament in the shape of a car parked on my driveway. And I no longer have the means to pay for it to be repaired either. any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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