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  1. Yes definitely, Paragon told me they sold the Debt to Arrow but I remember the CCJ being awarded to Paragon it was fully Paidi have a Car Loan at Present with Paragon and had no problems. My Credit File is very Good no Adverse Marks at all and has taken me some time to get there.
  2. Thank you I have heard that I did get another email stating the Account was on hold until the 3rd next month. When I went through Arrow Complaints Email from their website they replied that they had forwarded my complaint to the Relevant Department. The same Debt I sent them a Screenshot of what I had received in the email giving them the 12 Days to Resolve it. I haven't received anything in the Post so will see if anything turns up. But I am 99% that if it was legit an Account from 1998 would be time barred. Just seems strange they got all my details in 2019 and are only contacting me now
  3. Hello I could Do with some Help August 2019 I Contacted Paragon Car Finance about PPI on a loan I got a CCJ for. I got the CCJ around 2001 and it was Settle over time Paragon gave me Arrow Global details for the PPI I emailed them and they replied with asking for my Addresses which I gave. I have heard nothing until 7 Days ago when they have emailed me stating I owe over £2200 from an Account opened in 1998. I have told them in an email I have no Account with them and owe nothing. I have made a Complaint to their Complaints Department who have said they have passed it to the relevant Action Department asking for my phone number which they will not be getting they today sent another email saying they have passed my supposed account to Capquest. I have lived at my present Address since 2005 and have never received any letters or Court Action I haven't been told who this false debt was with and I will not deal with them. Can anyone advise how I should proceed Thank You in Advance Alan
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