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  1. Hi, I’m new here so please forgive me if this is in the wrong place. my 21 year old son is a key worker and his old car recently failed it’s MOT so he had to buy a car urgently. he found a car an hour from home at Scott’s of leeds which is a small car dealership. https://www.scottsofleeds.co.uk/ His only day available to view and collect a car due to work was a Sunday so I took him up there. He liked the car and the salesman was ok. However, we told him that there was a 95% chance the next day that my son would be able to access a better finance deal via an online company than the one the garage was offering. This online company car finance 247 was unavailable on the Sunday. The car salesman clearly and repeatedly said don’t worry about it sign our finance deal today on the Sunday so you can take the car away and you can simply switch it to the better rate finance on the Monday. My son did this as he needed a car and it was an hour from our house. We felt fully assured by the salesman it was a simple quick process. We rang back Monday to try to swap the finance as agreed and now neither the garage or the original finance company close brothers will assist us in doing this. The finance company are saying it’s upto the garage to return the funds they’ve been paid but the garage are refusing to do this now as they’ve done nothing wrong and as far as they’re concerned the deal is done end of story. This will now stop my son saving £915 in interest over 4 years. The garage are refusing to speak to us now. Pls can anyone help or give me proper advice rather than just a finger in the air opinion. He paid £5150 for the car plus £99 admin fee and he paid £500 deposit on his debit card. TIA
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