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  1. The man that delivered mine was an overweight middle aged white man. Which is not what the seller sounds like. He tried to get me to pay for delivery which I had already paid for. He contacted his office and was told to carry on delivering it. He wasn't in a rush and was surprised I had bought it from Birmingham.
  2. I did the same as everyone else when I bought it but mine was delivered by a company. Unfortunately I did not take note of the name of the delivery company as that would have helped. If the money we've paid is nothing to him he should pay us all back. I was given a crime reference number by action fraud so I am going to chase them up tomorrow.
  3. Unfortunately we all seem to be in the same situation. There are only 2 ways of getting a real address. One is to pretend we want to buy a car and then insist on meeting him at his location or bugging the police to help. I don't know if either would work.
  4. I'm so sorry to hear this, I am not surprised though. I hope you can get it sorted without too much expense. I hate that someone can cause so many so much distress. Good luck to you.
  5. I'm not sure i trust this post as if you have information that could help others surely you would . I'm amazed if you have manage to resolve the issue and hope he hasn't convinced you to take it to a garage and get them to invoice him, which is what he tried with me.
  6. Interesting, I was told that they will be in contact with me within 28 days. I shall contact them to discuss what you have said as if they won't do what they say they will I will not waste my time on them.
  7. It's annoying because the bank can't help obviously data protection but he must have an address to have a bank account. Let's hope action fraud can chase him down. It's a Land Rover Discovery 3. 41 diagnostic faults, won't drive for more than a mile without going into limp mode. No 2nd key as promised, air bag warning light on. Mot says corrosion and leaking exhaust which it still has. No heated seats which i actually emailed and asked him about. Lots of other things that he described in his write up. Definitely not the exemplary vehicle he advertised. @senbell1 I'm sorry to hear of your problem too. We thought with covid 19 we were doing the right thing to not travel to view it. You live and learn I suppose.
  8. I have noticed a few other people are having the same issues as I am. I bought a vehicle from this seller on ebay and had it delivered. Within a mile of my house it went into limp mode and when taken for a diagnostic test it came back with 41 faults. He now won't answer his phone. I have reported him to ebay, trading standards, my bank and action fraud. I haven't finished trying to stop him doing this to other people and will try to get my money back but please whatever you do don't buy from him.
  9. Yewtree/James Harrison/Lee Hudson Cars Solihull - sold me a faulty car - Vehicle retailers and manufacturers - Consumer Action Group I am having the exact same problem as you. Now have a vehicle that does not work. I believe I have lost my money but will do everything I can to get it back. Ring your bank to start with and report it as fraud. Contact Action Fraud and report him, they are linked to the police. Report him to ebay as well. If he won't do the right thing then hopefully the police can help him see the error of his scamming ways. Yew Tree Cars/James Harrison Cars/Lee Hudson Cars Sold a faulty vehicle. - Vehicle retailers and manufacturers - Consumer Action Group
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