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  1. Wow, i will do. Not sure of what penalty fees we would have incurred as we have always paid each month.
  2. Can you tell me what a SAR is. We will hold off settling as we don't feel comfortable doing this. The settlement figure is now £19,700!! Since 2013 we have made £300 dent in the loan the rest gone as interest by the looks. We have paid £222.00 a month since 2013.
  3. HI oh yes, i have taken out a loan (to pay it off with Blemain) as my credit rating is amazing. It was only when checking what he/we owed we were flabbergasted. We have never missed a payment that is the crazy thing. We are waiting for a final figure today, but last time he checked a few weeks ago it was still £19,808 on a £20k loan from 2013. What do you suggest we do, it greaves me that these people are zooming in on vulnerable people. The posts about this firm are shocking. We are going to check which financial advisor put us on to them. Thanks for puttin
  4. Hi, thank you so much for your reply. We are waiting on an up to date settlement figure via email as I type. My husband is going to check his emails with regards who the financial advisor was, as it was 7 years ago and we cant remember. t is criminal, I have read so much negativity on different forums around this company.
  5. Really looking for some advice. My husband took a £20k secured loan out with Blemain now called Together, back in 2013. He has not missed a payment. He rang for a settlement figure a couple of weeks back an they told him that it would be £19,800 ish!! that means he/we have paid off £200 off the loan, surely this cannot be correct? This company was recommended by a financial advisor, this company is almost like legalised loan sharks. Has anyone challenged this company? Has anyone had their settlement figure reduced? I cannot get my he
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