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  1. Thank you for the reply! Great I'll wait and see what comes in the post, thank you for putting my mind at rest I'm pretty annoyed at myself for blindly paying them all off too, I've managed to raise 1 irresponsible lending claim and got a redress with 24/7Moneybox but the rest of the loan providers went bust years ago so I've lost out on the rest, stupid on my part
  2. Hi all, I've seen a similar topic from a few years back but I have a different situation that I'm a bit stuck with... So I took out quite a few payday loans in the back end of 2016 when I was in a bad financial way and got myself into a lot of debt very quickly. A loan of £900 from Different Money LTD was one of them. I set up a payment plan with Stepchange debt charity, but for whatever reason at the time I forgot to include the loan from Different Money LTD. I have since paid off all of the other loans I had. I had two emails from Different Mo
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