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  1. I have been contacted recently by a PPI company Allay who were successful in a couple of ppi claims with RBS and Santander. They emailed me to say that: A recent Supreme Court ruling Plevin means that many people in the UK are owed additional PPI compensation They go on to request I give them permission to engage with a company called Legal UK Services to check and then pursue any claim. Does anyone know what they are referring to and is there any substance to this? If so can I do this easily myself? Are there any risks either way? thank you for any assistance.
  2. I initially pursued ppi via one of those companies that advertised their services. Santander came back to say claim not valid and copied to the claims company. Santander said I could take this to ombudsman but needed to do so within 6 months of date of rejection from Santander. I heard nothing from the claims company in nearly 6 months I then pursued via the finance ombudsman who judged in my favour. My question is can the claims company take a percentage of any money I may get back as a consequence of me pursuing Santander via ombudsman? The claims company did not challenge the decision by Santander nor contact me to arrange a challenge via ombudsman, and I nearly lost out with the 6 month deadline.
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