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  1. Hi @dx100uk, they've provided the CCA for the credit card debt - June 2013. Last payment was November 2014. Default logged 2017. Not heard anything back in regards to the student overdraft. Complete radio silence on that one.
  2. I've asked for a postal address (via email as there was a older email exchange when asking for information originally) for communication in regards to these accounts but they've not replied. Can I send the CCA via email and send a hard copy to their registered address?
  3. Many thanks for your help, much appreciated. It's been a while since I sent a Postal Order.
  4. Hi, thank you for the quick response. Yes we asked them for the original credit agreement but they only sent a statement of previous payments and charges, etc. Looking back at the communications, we actually asked for this information a year ago and they sprang into life a few months ago. The letter of claim only referenced the OD not the credit card. The last feedback we got from them was that they thought the credit card debt was not statute barred and would be sending information over regarding the OD. Do I need to mention
  5. Hi All, My partner is being chased by Hoist/Robinson Way for a couple of old debts: 1. Lloyds credit card. 2. Lloyds student overdraft RW claim proof of debt assignment was sent but nothing was received. We haven't seen any documentation showing the original agreement. We've asked for documentation showing when payments were made and when the last contact with Lloyds was, as I'm pretty sure these are statue-barred debts. In regards to debt 1 above, the documentation showed that the last payment was November 2014. Nothing was p
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