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  1. Received just now... Good afternoon We email in reference to the above. We have requested further documents from our client and will be in a position to respond shortly. Kind regards Tabitha Bennett Technical Litigation Officer drydensfairfax solicitors Email [email protected] Telephone +44 (0)113 823 3388 Fax +44 (0)113 823 3898
  2. Thanks. I will email in the day word for word. Not this moment though or they will know I'm having a sleepless night. Quick question, I've not heard anything back from SLC regarding the SAR request. However, I do have the last deferment letter. Should that part be re-worded or left as is?
  3. Does the default notice make any difference to the statute barring?
  4. Oh no, sorry. Could you delete the single ones I posted as well? and thank you again for your help.
  5. Hi, Yes, I know that now, as you pointed out at the beginning, and thank you as I was pretty unknowledgeable about this before your help. I also know that the date of 9th of December 2016 is NOT the date I defaulted as no correspondence/deferments were made since 2011. How are they allowed to lie like this and what steps do I take next? Even though I know it is BS, I am sat here shaking with worry! I guess that is what those bullies try to achieve at the end of the day.
  6. I received this today from Dryden with a load of pdfs of letters sent to me. Do you need me to upload the pdfs? Good evening We email further to the below. We received our instruction on the 6 February 2017. We have issued correspondence regarding the balance outstanding and the legal proceedings in relation to the matter. The Court would have also contacted you regarding the Claim and the subsequent County Court Judgment dated 9 November 2020. We note that you assert this debt to be subject to the Limitation Act 1980 section 5, however, this is inco
  7. I will sit tight for now. Gosh, its all so damn stressful. I am also really shocked, after you said to look on the forum at how many others are in the same situation, too. Thank you for all the help you have given me so far, and others.
  8. It's an account I don't use much. Should I get rid of it?
  9. Like an idiot I gave the email address before coming on here when they originally text me
  10. Not sure if you need it posted on here but email received today. No mention of my demand for the CCJ to be set aside.... Good morning xxx Following your discussion with our office on 22 January 2021, I confirm that I am looking into your query raised and will be contacting our client for further documentation in order to look into the points you have raised further. I will refer back to you once I have received a response from my client. Kind regards Shaun Conway Litigation Officer drydensfairfax solicitors Email [email protected]
  11. Thanks for that. I've had a look and I am just over the limit for help. I do have my grandson living here and home schooling during lockdown but I don't think I can add count him as it is temporary until he can go back to school again.
  12. Oh thank god for that. I’m going to pieces here. Does this mean that because they wrote to me at my old address back in 2017 that the debt is not statute barred? I’m really confused now. I’ve not given any acknowledgement, written or otherwise, of the debt to anybody since 2011 and only spoken to anyone these last couple of weeks when I got a text from Drydens and found out about the CCJ
  13. All they said was that said they sent letters to the last current address on file. Nothing as to what was in the letters.
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