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  1. Thank you for your updates on the leasholder having to pay for the freeholders costs even when win the case. Some Briliant news and a suggestion. After writing to my MP he called me personally this morning. He absolutely understands the issues of the unfair legal clause and that the loophole where non-residential leases have no redress system and will be lobbying for this to be included in the leasehold legislation though it does not help short term. Short term. a) I am not legally trained to understand the exact details on the links for Blurred and what legal help he wou
  2. Dear Blurred, Yes this paying the loosers legal fees is criminal. Andyorch has posted the link above. The wording is in the lease. (And I am told in most leases). The wording in mine 'The costs incurred by the management company in bringing or defending any actions or proceedings against or by any person whatsoever.' If you are with one of the big management companies this caveat is likely to be in. Take a careful look. Please also write to your MP about this, I have written to mine.
  3. Dear Bankfodder, The Tribunal did not support overturning the fees on the basis of unfair terms. Galling though it is I am simply paying the unreasonable fees because given this clause there is no possibilitiy of a fair outcome. I am writing this post because it was by chance I discovered the litigation fee clause in the lease and what it means in reality (I pay the fees for the loosing party!) and I hope anyone who reads this may not be caught out. I showed this lease to three lawyers and they did not spot the issue until I explicitly drew their attention to it and the
  4. Hi Bankfodder thank you for your interest and your comments. There are issues with ground rents AND service charges. In my case, non residential, not eligeable for Tier 1 tribunal so there is no possibility of holding the leaseholder to account for unreasonable service charges because of the loophole below. Even if it is residential see Richard Barclay and others quoted in the article above. You win the case about unreasonable costs yet have to pay the leaseholders court fees for loosing their case! Criminal!!! From the article I quoted above. 'The Times reported that
  5. FREEHOLDERS BE AWARE! I have discovered the answer to my question - please read because anyone else out there - until this legal loophole is changed take great care before thinking you will have justice regarding leashold overcharging. Most leases check yours! have a clause whereby they can charge the leasholder whether they win or loose. So like Mr Barclay you might, even if you win the case, have to pay the freeholders legal charges! Criminal ! I am so pleased i spotted this before I defended myself against the unjust bills. Put simply until the law changes (especial
  6. I am reading your post because I have a similar issue with unreasonable charges. Researching the issue on line . I found the following article on line. In a nutshell a legal loophole currently exists such that the freeholder can recoop legal fees from the leaseholder even if the leasholder wins the case!!! (Sometimes this amounts to '000s of £'s) The government are going to address this yet if you have a court case prior to the change in the law (I have) if a leasholder who has been overcharged, wins the case then has to pay the freehold
  7. Thank you so much. I hope this communication will help you advise me. I have owned the garage since Nov 2016. I instructed my solicitor to communicate with the management company. She raised issues regarding the costs, and requested an explanation as to costs. When they failed to respond and were threatening court action I sent a cheque in 2017. The lady (Emma from the pre-action dispute team at SLC) who I spoke to told me she had received the cheque and would provide an explanation. Between 2017-2020 I continued to get bills which I forwarded to my solicit
  8. Thank you. Before I bought the property (a house and a garage bought together but on different titles) the report on title described one charge for the house, the garage separate charge was a surprise. The house is freehold and the garage leasehold. My conveyancing solicitor said that she was not informed of the duplicate cost for the garage. (There is no point challenging the conveyancers for negligence because being a garage it is not cost effective to do so) however I am trapped with these unreasonable charges. The lease I discovered (after lots of question
  9. I am hoping for some help. I noticed some readers state they have successfully challenged leaseholder charges. I am now being charged in excess of £2000 leaseholder service charges on a garage in Kent. It is a simple garage. As it is a non-residential the normal tribunal routes to appeal the garage charges are unavailable. I requested an explanation of the charges. All the service company have provided is a list of charges nothing to say how these charges relate to my garage which has never been visited or maintained. I am charged manage
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