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  1. Ah I see, I did kind of give them a notice to pay up in 7 days before taking things further but they refused and instead asked for the next instalments through a solicitor letter. I was thinking whether it would be better and more cost saving if I instead take this to a small claims court as oppose to the big courts, I know that is what you suggested at the begining. I was just not sure if I had a case since I unfortunately signed the new variation agreement.
  2. January 2020 - Paid a deposit of £1K and signed contract for wedding which was scheduled to be July 2020 March 2020 - They asked me to pay another £2K despite me emailing them my concern about the wedding not going ahead but they threatened me that I would be in breach of their contract. So I had to pay. May 2020 we received an email from them telling us we can either rebook or face cancellation charges as per contract - these are 50% of total venue hire if cancelled within 9 months or 95% of total venue hire if cancelled within 6 months. the total venue hire cost was £6700.
  3. Yes it is them. I have heard rumours from other professionals in the industry that they were very sneakily trying to claim bankruptcy last year around september/october time and to me makes sense since they also changed directors of their company. If they do this I will lose the money I have already paid.
  4. The name of the venue is the decorium they forced me to reschedule by given me an option of rebooking or potentially face cancellation charges. Naturally under pressure I thought I should rebook however they did not give me an option or a refund which I should’ve been given . I want to claim back the money I have paid but I’m afraid that they will come to me for more instalments as I have signed a variation agreement for the date.
  5. Hi Andy, Thank you very much for your response. I'm just afraid if I take this to a small claims court and I lose, then I would need to pay their legal fees?
  6. To give you a brief overview of the matter: I had booked my wedding at the venue for 19th July 2020. I had several correspondence with them during March, April and May to find out what options would be available to me if my wedding can still not go ahead with the 400 scheduled guests . In May they finally emailed me with an option of either rebooking my wedding to the following year; with several restrictions as to when I could rebook e.g. only on a sunday and only into a peak season month, or I would cancel and be subject to their cancellation fees which according to t
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