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  1. Don't have another debt DX unless it's that parking think which has not been heard from in ages. Fishing?
  2. Just to update that CapQuest sent me a text asking to speak to me today about an urgent matter. Reported to 7726
  3. Looking at the account print out they have sent, the Jacamo account they say was opened in 2014 so I guess Marisota was in 2012 I think. The Jacamo statement they provided, Lowell refer to it as "your Running account credit agreement". No idea what this is. They say this account has contractual arrears of £36.16. It's talking of minimum payments but not saying anything about this. And the Marisota letter does not mention I am in arrears. Let me just post this and try to upload the written text.
  4. I had a Marisota and Jacamo account. I have had them for about 6/7 years. This last year I fell behind a bit but spoke to them at Christmas to get back on track. At the time I agreed to £100 each per month but since then lots has changed and I have struggled. I missed one payment to Jacamo awaiting some money I was owed. The next month I paid both still awaiting my owed money, then nearly 3 weeks ago I got covid and although not hospitalised, I have been and remain pretty poorly. I was going to ring them to explain when 2 letters from Lowells arrive. They have bought the alleged debts and I now have to pay them. But the thing is I didn't default on the Marisota repayments and the Jacamo says my arrears are £36. Not been in this position before so I gather I can CCA Lowell? They have not even said how much to pay in the letter. They sent me a letter again a day later showing I had allegedly paid nothing on the Jacamo account for a year. Again not actually stating any payment plan just that I now have to pay them. Yesterday Lowell text me and today they rang. So it begins. So CCA a good idea? Or is this slightly different?
  5. Thank you both. Did some reading up last night. Will be less worried if they decide to try court action now.
  6. I know I should read far more but I genuinely do not have any real understanding of parking laws. I will try to read up but do not want to make the mistake I did originally, by appealing. I am actually quite scared of this one and really want to double check I am doing the right thing. Thank you for being patient and I will do more reading. Thank you all for your help thus far.
  7. Got a Letter from Debt Recovery Plus that arrived this afternoon. I allegedly owe £170, which is NOT what the appeal people said. £85 I believe. Option A pay up. Option B face potential court action. If I ignore and not contact them, they will, after 7 days, start legal Recovery actions. Abigale wants me to have a fair outcome and avoid court action. She has provided a fair analysis of my case. I allegedly owe £170. Option to pay by payment plan lost in 7 days from date of letter which was 22/10/2021, so I have til tomorrow to pay, else it goes to court. If I don't pay they will contact me again with steps required to move for legal action. My lovely CAGer's, where do I go from here please?
  8. Just pressed the link re: updating if lost the V5C. It goes to a 404 type page. I am sure it was around but cannot find it. I have tried several times a week to ring them this year and end up getting cut off. I will have another dig about tomorrow. I honestly thought I updated both driving licence and V5C when I moved. Feel a bit foolish ☹
  9. Long enough and I was 100% sure I changed as is my OH. How do I do it online? I can't find my old V5C.
  10. Sadly it never arrived here. For some reason DVLA had my old address on file, been trying to contact them to change it to no avail. I think it's in their evidence. I will have a look in the morning.
  11. Just to let you know I got a decision from Popla and I am to pay £85, which I don't have. They didn't mention my evidence only that when Smart sent incorrect evidence and even said I had paid, it was an "error". Where next? Happy to fight on if I can.
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