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  1. As I would expect, Packlink came back today with the following: I have just sent a Letter before claim to Hermes CEO email. I also have a couple of questions: It is said in it that I shall sue them if I will not get reimbursed within 14 days, however they might come back earlier and refuse to compensate - I believe I still should wait for 14 days to file the claim, is that correct? I believe it's unnecesary to send hard copy of the Letter before claim via post, is that right? Thanks for your help and support!
  2. Thank you for your responses once again. I am totally prepared to make a claim against Hermes, but I will email Packlink first to show that I genuinly tried to resolve through them first in case they will refuse to compensate. I am enclosing draft email to Packlink with this message. Letter to Packlink.pdf
  3. dx100uk BankFodder Thank you for your responses, I will start to prepare my claim. Also, considering this topic I thought it's worth for me to contact Packlink first and request full compensation from them, giving them 14 days to respond, and then send letter before claim to Hermes for the remaining balance. Or is this completely unnecessary? I do not want to rush and trying to smooth as many corners out as possible before making something that cannot be undone. Thanks again!
  4. Hello, My case is pretty generic, still I would like to share it and would appreciate any help. I privately sold iPhone XS through eBay for £390. Purchased Hermes delivery through Packlink on 3rd of December 2020, did not opt in for full cover. Dropped the parcel off at the ParcelShop on 4th of December, later in the day tracking updated to "Collected from the ParcelShop". No further updates were received through tracking. On the following week I tried to find out what was happening with the parcel I sent, called Hermes first, bot
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