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  1. I think my reply to your previous question has gone astray. Yes informed them that I had sold my previous home back in November. I received the proceeds into my account and immediately they went back out to pay for new property. DWP just changed my address but didn’t ask for any paperwork.
  2. Yes, and they went straight out to purchase my new property.
  3. Thanks. It wouldn’t have triggered an alarm. The loan was over two years ago. The issue, is that I sold and moved home at the end of November last year. I informed DWP immediately and they did not act on it until last month. I have just received another letter today asking for bank statements right back until last November. I understand what you say about saving but the money goes straight out again as a loan repayment. My concern is that the DWP may see it as income when it is not. Its purely my daughter paying back money she effectively borrowed from me. I am well under the allowance for savings.
  4. Hi, thanks. No profit. It is purely the amount of the loan payment that is being taken out of my bank account. Not sure how far my bank statements go back. If they go back a couple of years when I took the loan it shows it coming into my account and then going out into my daughters account. She is just paying it back each month.
  5. I have been asked to supply bank statements..not an issue as all above board. I lent my daughter some money via a loan taken out with my bank as I didn’t have the money to lend myself, but have a good credit rating so able to get a loan. She is slowly paying me back every month. This is paying the loan off. Does this count as income as she is just paying a debt she owes me , or will it be ignored. Thanks
  6. Andytorch. I think everything that has happened so far has been detailed above in the post. The hearing is not until the end of June. You appear to have advised on the issue of the N225 previously. The situation is that the claimant submits a claim and pays a court fee. £455 The defendant (mum) submitted a defence and also a counterclaim and also paid the same court fee £455. Both in the same position regarding costs. Just as my mum had to submit a defence within a specified time limit, the claimant has to respond to the counterclaim within a specified time limit which is 14 days. He did not. Having spoken to the court, they confirmed that my mum could request Judgement by default. The judge has awarded her almost £6500. Now, my question relates to the Enforcement part as the claim has not yet been heard. I just wanted clarity as to how the hearing may affect the judgment.
  7. Not sure why that would alter asking for advice regarding the judgement form from someone who understands that particular order. I appreciate that you personally don't understand what I am asking, so best we just leave it now. Posting, or reposting 50 pages of what has gone before is totally irrelevant to the explanation or clarification that I am looking for. Thanks anyway.
  8. I'm not sure? Does this alter the advice or explanation of the Judgement Order
  9. In respect of submitted Form N225 for Default Judgement - Specified Amount. We have just heard back to day. Judgement appears to be in mums favour but: I wonder if someone could explain/clarify the meaning of what is written on the General Form of Judgment Order: 1: Judgement is entered in respect of counterclaim in favour of the Defendant against the Claimant for the sum of xxxx plus interest xxx Total: xxxx 2: Enforcement of the said judgment is stayed pending determination of the Claimants' claim (listed for hearing) 3: Because this Order has been made without a hearing, the parties have the right to apply to have the order set aside, varied or stayed. A party making such an application must send or deliver the application to the court (with the fee) to arrive within 7 days of service of this order. Am I reading that mum has won but if claimant wins at the hearing she may lose? Or if claimant wins, his winning is offset against the judgement meaning no one wins - each side wipes out the debt to the other? Clearly having no legal advice is leaving me confused. Thanks of you can help.
  10. Thank you both of you for your kind help. As Andy has confirmed that the counterclaimant is now the Part 20 claimant I have used the form N225. This should be correct as there is also a fee for a counterclaim using the same tariff as for an initial claim. We will see if I get an email to state otherwise.
  11. Thank you. That is brilliant. I expect you are correct about a solicitor. Shame solicitors probably do not know what forms to use. I with your advice. I expect that if I have not submitted it in the way they would like that I will be corrected.
  12. Thank you. It is not really clear is it what form to use. I have searched and searched. Read everything available. Maybe I have to phone a solicitor for advice
  13. Thank you, that is the only form I can find. just to clarify, in this instance mum now becomes the claimant and claimant defendant?
  14. Hi, it was a paper claim not online. The courts are closed and also the phone lines for the local court. They are only conversing by email at the moment, but slowly, hence my asking if there is a particular form to use as the email did not specify. I will just have to email back and to wait for response. If the judge does grant the judgement does this mean he has to pay the money even if he does not proceed with his claim against mum? Thanks for your help.
  15. Hi again, hopefully a final question. Update as follows. Managed to submit a defence and counterclaim. It appears that after the claimants solicitor received copies of the same that either the solicitor dropped his client or claimant dropped solicitor, not sure which but claimant now acting for himself. Claimant has refused mediation and also failed to respond to counterclaim. Have been told by email can now apply for default judgement on counterclaim but no instructions on how to do this. Can anyone advise please? I can only see a form N225 but this appears to be a default of defendant failing to respond to claim. In the case of a failed response to a counterclaim does the claimant now become the defendant and defendant (mum) now become the claimant? Or is there another way to request default judgment. Thanks
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