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  1. Too be honest @HunkyJunky you don't need a solicitors help as advised by dx100uk All the information you need is on this forum. All what the solicitor told me was the same as what you can find on here. Just ignore any threatening emails or letters which come your way. Just ignore, ignore and ignore. I actually laughed at one of their letters when they said they will take money from my salary or from the proceeds from any property I sell. I now live in Asia and don't plan on ever going back to the UK so not sure why IDRWW are wasting their time sending letter
  2. Many thanks for the quick reply and information. Much appreciated.
  3. Hello, I left Dubai in 2018 and moved to Thailand to start a new job. I had an outstanding credit card debt with Emirates NBD and a bank loan with Mashreq Bank which I was paying on time and the full monthly amount from here in Bangkok. I was flying back from Bangkok to UK via Abu Dhabi and as I was about to board my flight I was stopped at the gate and to cut a long story short I was arrested and spent 4 days in Police cells due to my bank loan security cheque being cashed due to one missed loan payment some 12 months earlier. The cheque was cashed for AED 75,000.00 wh
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