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  1. Evening all, After being successful last year with a parking charge in Basingstoke, I am back again with another one in Amesbury on 6 Feb '22. I received a letter with the usual jazz on dated 21 Feb '22, however I received it on 28 Feb '22. Pictures of license plates blah blah. The Driver didn't see signage yet again as it was pitch black and we were late for a meal. I didn't respond to this letter. Yesterday, I received a letter from Debt Recovery Plus, with the amount of £170.00 now owed. It's escalating again... They've also stated I have now lost the right to appeal as I hadn't responded in a timely manner. Looking at those dates listed above, and taking PoFA 2012 into account, is this grounds to cancel the parking charge? For those unaware, PoFA 2012 states that I must be informed within 14 days of the "offence"(with day one being the day AFTER the offence taking place). So by my calculations, if the "offence" was committed on the 6 Feb, they have until the 21 Feb to send the letter out; which is what the letter is dated. However, I received the letter and was informed 22 days after the "offence"! They had 14 days to send this letter out, and they wait until the last possible moment? Not my problem, cowboys! Also, unless they pay for same-day-delivery, what are the chances of this letter getting to me within the 14 days I wonder? Slim to none... Thanks in advance.
  2. Gents, we won. After hassling the land owner and passing the story on to a reporter, the land owner has informed me the parking charge has been cancelled. I have still went ahead and given to nod to publish the story in the local newspaper. The more people know about it, the less money in the pockets of these parking charge cowboys. Thanks and appreciate all your help! https://www.basingstokegazette.co.uk/news/19072973.man-will-make-point-court-falling-victim-parking-charges-st-michaels-retail-park/
  3. Update: I have had a phone call about 10 days ago with the land owner stating their hands are tied in accordance with the planning permission for the 30 minute maximum stay and they need to enforce the parking charge, however he was going to email the PPC to see if the charge could be cancelled. I rang him back about 5 days ago, asking for an update. No answer, left a voicemail. Nothing heard. Got in touch with the local newspaper and they seem very keen to publish the story. I gave the reporter the email of the PPC and the land owner and they got in contact with the land owner. Almost immediately, I got an email from the land owner saying the charge could be cancelled "as a one off, would have to confirm." He also asked me if I had been in touch with the media, to which I replied "yes" as I wasn't getting anywhere going down the official avenues. I'm now waiting for him to get back to me regarding cancelling the charge.
  4. Afternoon gents, I've had my Letter Before Claim. Attached. Any advice? Letter Before Claim-converted.pdf
  5. Okay, I'll wait them out! I've had a look into worst case scenario, as I'm that way inclined. With the £160 charge, I'm probably looking at £250ish total, including court fees. For the sake of an extra £90, I'm happy to go to court and argue my case. What makes you think PCM won't take me to court? They seem to be sticking by their guns if they've given the debt to another agency.
  6. I'm going to try and get a phone call with this Andy bloke. What do you suggest I say to him on the phone to not put my foot further in it and to also get my point across? I should never have replied in the first place. I feel like I've just admitted guilt and screwed myself over with communicating with these crooks. Do you think it may be worth getting in touch with the council who imposed these restrictions?
  7. Good afternoon gents, After ringing Andy's office for an 8th time, and leaving ab 8th urgent message, I've finally had a reply which is below. Hi Scott I hope this finds you well. Thank you for your email. Firstly apologies for the delay in getting back to you, I have been off on annual leave and also picked up a spell of Covid prior to Christmas. You are correct we do manage the estate on behalf of the landlord. Like you we do not want the parking enforcement in place however it is something that has been forced upon us as a planning restriction of the recent short stay car park development. We are doing our best to try and make a case to the Basingstoke local authority that the restrictions should not be in place and parking fines to be stopped. As it stands we have an obligation to enforce this and failure to do so would mean a breach of our planning restrictions which in turn could result in major fines being issued to the landlord. To be clear we see absolutely no income from parking fines and have received nothing but bad press from the situation. I am currently working with PCM to try and implement more signage, as it stands there are 6 signs stating it is short stay car park and PCM have confirmed that the quantities and locations are all approved and authorised by the IPC (international parking community). I would like to offer our apologies regarding the matter and I will be including your complaint in our case to the relevant planning authorities. Regards, Andy Conway MRICS Management Surveyor CHP Management Limited To which I have replied: Morning Andy, Thanks for your reply and your apologies. Where does that leave us in regards to the charge PCM are enforcing? Currently the initial charge of £60 has escalated to £160 and has now been passed on to a debt collection agency and are threatening court proceedings in the near future. As the management company the landlord has employed, do you have the power to call off PCM UK Ltd? If not, could you give me the contact details of the landlord so I can speak to them. I have pictures dated the end of December showing further new signage erected since my last visit in October and pictures inside Costa and Nandos of notices to the public about the parking. Why can't PCM UK Ltd admit they were at fault? They seem like bullies to me. If court is where this is heading, then I'll see it through until the end because I, along with many other people that have been handed these fines, don't believe I am in the wrong here. Regards, Scott Any thoughts? I have also attached the 2nd letter from Trace Debt Recovery that I got last week. 2nd Trace Letter.pdf
  8. At this point, I'm more than happy calling their bluff on court proceedings. Even if it does reach court, I'm confident a judge with laugh them out the courtroom.
  9. Just had a visit to the retail park this afternoon. Further NEW signage has been added to the existing, poor signage. I'm taking this as an admission original signage wasn't fit for use? Also got warning signs still displayed by members of staff outside in the car park as well as inside Costa Coffee itself. St. Michael's Retail Park visit - 23.12.2020.pdf
  10. Many thanks. I have sent. I will let you know if I get a reply. Just had an automated reply saying he's out of office until 4th Jan. Shock.
  11. I am refusing to pay this invoice. If this matter proceeds, and PCM UK Ltd chooses to take this to court on your behalf, I will be filing yourself, as the land owner, a third party to the claim.
  12. Evening Andy, I've been informed you're the land owner of St. Michaels Retail Park in Basingstoke and man to contact I've emailed directly, had emails with you CC'd in, rang your office and left messages with your front desk but heard nothing from you what so ever in the 2 months I've tried to establish communications. The situation is as follows. I received a parking charge from PCM UK Ltd for a violation at the end of September this year. This was for overstaying the 30 minute maximum stay in the car park directly outside Costa, Greggs and Nando's. I was eating in Nando's at the time of the violation, providing business. Being a regular customer to the retail park over the years, I expected a reply to my emails at the least, however this is not the case. I have not returned and have no intentions of returning to the retail park in the future due to this incident. Having parked in the "non-restricted" section of the car park for years to provide custom to businesses in your retail park and know that, as long as I was providing custom, the parking was free, why would any local look for signage stating any restrictions. What a confusing system you have in place that you have 2 separate schemes for what an average-Joe member of the public would assume is the same car park! I contacted PCM to lodge an appeal based on the grounds of signage not being fit for purpose. It is not prominent enough to catch the eye. So much so, that an article was published in the Basingstoke Gazette due to a high number of complaints they've had regarding the exact same charge I received! I even took the time to phone Nando's as, like I stated previously, I was dining in at the time and was the entire reason for my visit that evening. I asked them if they knew who had placed laminated pieces of A4 paper on the signs in the car park warning customers of this unfair practice. I was expecting it to be a local who had took it upon themselves to warn other visitors. Not the case! The MANAGER of Nando's informed me it was members of his staff that had put the signs up to warn customers and avoid them getting scammed! This is absolutely disgusting that a business has to go to these measures to avoid their customers getting ripped off. More so, on PCM's part, it's absolutely embarrassing that an A4 piece of paper taped to a lamp post has a better effect than their "signage"! The signage provided by PCM and yourself is NOT fit for purpose, case and point being the many MANY visitors that have been stung by this charge. I don't believe for a second that ALL of us are all vigilantes and believe we have a God-given right to park anywhere for free. One person, maybe, but take a look at how many fines were handed out in that time period. You've got to realise something is wrong rather than sitting there rubbing your hands together. I'm demanding that you contact PCM UK Ltd and cancel this ticket. Not only have I had to deal with PCM's constant letters, they have now passed on this "debt" to Trace Debt Recovery Ltd. Giving the state of the country due to COVID-19, businesses struggling to get people through their doors and the publics reluctant to venture out, I'm very surprised you are turning people like myself away from your retail park with these kind of practices. I am refusing to pay this invoice. If this matter proceeds, and Trace Debt Recovery Ltd chooses to take further action which leads to court, I will be filing yourself, as the land owner, as a third party to the claim. I look forward to your reply, Regards, Scott Jackson Thoughts before I send please?
  13. Not a clue, this is something one of the landowers said to me over the phone when I asked him. He'd said they've had so many complaints recently about the exact same thing. He then pushed me higher to someone on an 0207 number, London presumably, but this guy is always "out of office", "busy with meetings", "with a client" or "on sick leave". 6 times I've rang and I've never spoken to the bloke. Emailed as well. Left messages with his secretary. Heard absolutely nothing from him. Edit: Format. Getting the hint! No one likes a wall of text! https://www.basingstokegazette.co.uk/news/18255952.landscaped-area-st-michaels-retail-park-torn-parking-spaces/ This is an article in the local newspaper explaining the traffic concerns I've just found.
  14. When it comes to money, I'll fight tooth and nail to protect it. I earnt it and I'll be damned if I let a few days wages go without putting up a fight. The problem is that this is a mini car park bolted onto a large, retail park. Retail park consists of hundreds of spaces, which are free as long as you're shopping obviously. This little car park of 20 spaces is directly outside a Nando's, Greggs and Costa. Clearly it's existence is for people to run in and grab a take away. I rang the land owner and their hands were forced to employ a parking management company by the council as people were queueing for these spaces and causing traffic to back up on the dual carriageway out on the main road. I'm not complaining and fighting the system with the whinge of "all parking should be free, I'm a paying customers blah blah blah". What I'm saying is if the signage was clear, and I knew it was a 30 minute maximum stay, I'd have parked in the EMPTY, free parking spaces! It's literally 20 steps away! But I didn't know. Seems very unfair.
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