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  1. Thanks for you help. I understand what you're saying. but according to nationaldebtline it is only statute barred if it meets the three criteria below. point 3 - you have not written to the creditor admitting you owe the debt during the last six years. I accepted the FOS decision 5 years ago - (admitting that I owed the debt). The letter is in my first post. I've just given this letter to ACI, who probably didn't have it. So I've just handed them the proof they need.
  2. Their response attached. I thought they may say this... Basically just given the information to pursue it now aciReply.pdf
  3. Haha wouldn't it just. Thanks @dx100uk I'll send the FOS decision letter and update when I have a response.
  4. I have a response... Doc1.pdf I can only assume they are seeing the correction to the balance made after receiving the Financial ombudsman's findings. There was definitely no payment made. Should I send them the Settlement Letter.pdfPDE sent me on the 28th 2017? Or time for SAR? Or both?
  5. Thank you. I will send the SB letter in the link. The only thing I noticed is the line Which isn't completely true. The original debt was over 6 years ago, but the financial ombudsman decision was only 5 years ago in June.
  6. I'm regularly receiving reminders for an old payday debt from 18/03/2013 to 01/08/2013. aci.pdf Back in 2016 I wanted to get a mortgage but had a default on my file. So involved the Financial Ombudsman who ordered Payday Express to remove any interest from the debt and the default from my credit file. M final decision (1).pdf On the 28th July 2017 PDE sent me a settlement letter for £298.13 and removed the default (as per the ombudsman's findings). This is the exact amount ACI are chasing.Settlement Letter.pdf Is this statute barred now? the original debt was from 2013 so 9 years ago. But the ombudsman's findings and settlement letter are from July 2017. thank you!
  7. I'm in the process of buying a house and currently renting a property though an estate agent. I've realised that in July 2019 I renewed for an additional 6 months, which was the last time I heard from the letting agent. The property I'm buying has no chain, and I'm just waiting for the land registry to come back, then will be moving asap. So I'd rather not have to give a months notice. What are my rights for giving notice? If I haven't renewed the tenancy, I presume I can move out at any time with zero notice period? thanks ! Letter_20190617_11450029.docx
  8. I've just paid off 2500 of a 4000 on a Barclaycard. today they messaged to say they're reducing my limit down to 2000. I paid of the balance to get my 'credit used' to below 50% as suggested on my latest credit report. Now its back up to more than 50%. Is it normal for Barclaycard to do this?
  9. Thanks both, that sounds like sound advice and exactly what I'm going to do. I got a well timed tax rebate 2 days before Christmas, and I'd also realised I'd been overpaying the electricity, so was nearly £1000 in credit with ovo. I've cleared all the cards except the zero percent interest card, which is now at 50%. I'm going to up may payments to £350 a month so it will also be cleared quickly.
  10. I imagine this is quite simple to answer for anyone on here I have 4 CC accounts 1 - Balance £0 (limit £2750) 2 - Balance £2000 (limit £4000) 3 - Balance £2500 (limit £2600) 4 - Balance £4000 (limit £4000) new zero percent interest for 18 months I recently opened account 4 and transferred the balance from 1 and some of 2 I have £2000 to pay off some of these debts. My credit report is good, but I have a warning that credit utilisation is over 75% on some accounts. Should I; Use the funds to reduce balance of 2, or 3 (higher interest) or use £800 to reduce the zero percent card down (4) to 75% and then the remainder on card 2 or 3? I realise that the most efficient use of the funds would be to reduce the balance on the higher interest cards, but from a credit score perspective, would it make much difference to have all accounts under 75%? (and I may then be able to take out another balance transfer card?) Thanks!
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