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  1. I've just paid off 2500 of a 4000 on a Barclaycard. today they messaged to say they're reducing my limit down to 2000. I paid of the balance to get my 'credit used' to below 50% as suggested on my latest credit report. Now its back up to more than 50%. Is it normal for Barclaycard to do this?
  2. Thanks both, that sounds like sound advice and exactly what I'm going to do. I got a well timed tax rebate 2 days before Christmas, and I'd also realised I'd been overpaying the electricity, so was nearly £1000 in credit with ovo. I've cleared all the cards except the zero percent interest card, which is now at 50%. I'm going to up may payments to £350 a month so it will also be cleared quickly.
  3. I imagine this is quite simple to answer for anyone on here I have 4 CC accounts 1 - Balance £0 (limit £2750) 2 - Balance £2000 (limit £4000) 3 - Balance £2500 (limit £2600) 4 - Balance £4000 (limit £4000) new zero percent interest for 18 months I recently opened account 4 and transferred the balance from 1 and some of 2 I have £2000 to pay off some of these debts. My credit report is good, but I have a warning that credit utilisation is over 75% on some accounts. Should I; Use the funds to reduce balance of 2, or 3 (higher interest) or use £80
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