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  1. From what I am reading on the Google Reviews page, even though they quote you a figure to get out of the contract, if you go to another supplier BES will stop the new supplier taking over the meters - how they do it I do not know. But that is what I am seeing in reviews/comments...and there is a lot of them!
  2. Hi, in the middle of re-writing my post for you. I am not sure, BES have told me in no uncertain terms I cannot get out of my 36 month contract, they have quoted me over £2k to leave.
  3. I am sorry I am not that good at making myself clear - Autism gets in the way i think and I get carried away. I am going to sit with my wife later and rewrit this if you would still like me to?
  4. Sorry, my autism gets the better of me sometimes. I shall ask my wife to help me re-write my post. yep, it was certainly a mistake to take the cold call and accept with BES, but, I do have a business to run and thought I was saving some time! Big mistake. re-written post coming soon.
  5. Hi all Have been a customer with BES since September, now thats not a long time ago really so you'd think not a lot could have gone wrong ...right? Wrong! Biggest scam company I have ever seen. If I ran my business they way this one is run, I'd have 0 customers! Usual story, broker calls out of the blue (Who works on behalf of BES) when we opened up our offices in September.....Lo and Behold we get signed up with BES! Since that day, my life has been nothing but stress! Quite happily paid them £132.50 per month, thought that was quite reasonable..
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