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  1. OK cool. How do you sugest I modify the letter of claim to the retailer?
  2. Hi BankFodder, I was about to send this letter of claim this morning when i received emails from both sportsshoes.com and Hermes. Sportsshoes.com have been in touch with Hermes and Hermes are now stating I can claim through them - they've sent through the claim form. Can i now pursue Hermes for the full amount? Thanks again
  3. Ha! OK. I hate Christmas anyway. One last thing, was just reading this thread below as it also concerned the deadly duo of sportsshoes and Hermes In this instance you say Hermes are liable, and just wanted to clarify in my own what the difference is in my case? Is that because evidence was found - ie the packaging fond empty by someone? And do I need to post the letter of claim, or is email sufficent in this instance?
  4. Yes sorry, I wasn't clear. Was just looking at it, understand both would not be possible. Have amended that letter, thanks. Do I next just simply email that over to their customer service team? With the 14 days coming during the Christmas break, do you advise I still send this now, or should I wait until the new year? Would I be able to submit the necessary documentaion in 15 days time which would fall on NYE? Thanks again for your help.
  5. HAHA, ok game on. I'd like it to stick to them after all this, that's for sure. Neither has been helpful, suggesting i go through the other at all times. I paid via Monzo so will look at chargeback also. Here is the letter of claim I've put together, is this on the right lines? SportsShoes letter of claim.docx
  6. Hello Bank Fodder, Thanks for the prompt reply to this. Yes the original item was delivered on 30th October, and the return booked on 2nd November and collected on 4th November by Hermes, when they subsequently lost the item. And yes I am absolutely willing to take this further, I've never known a situation like this in my life. My bigget problem to date has been trying to ascertain who is responsible here for the loss. I will have a read around those links but 100% willing to start the process ASAP so please let me know how to kick this off when you can. Thanks again.
  7. Hello, Hope you're all well and safe. I'm hoping someone can help with the issue I am having with Sportsshoes.com and Hermes. I bought an item from sportsshoes.com in October for £197.99. It was a size medium and too small, so I arranged for an exchange through their website, booking a return via Hermes courier, paying £2.94. See attached screenshots for proof or purchase and confirmation email. Hermes collected the item on 4th November, and it duly was. It never got scanned at the depot and Hermes have looked into and declared the item lost. Since then I have tried to process a claim through Hermes for the lost item but they keep referring me back to sportsshoes.com, saying as I arranged the collection through them they are responsible. Sportsshoes.com insist there is nothing they can do as because I pad for the collection of the item my contract is with Hermes. Neither is taking responsibility and I’m just going back and forth now with each telling me I have to go through the other. At the very least, I feel I am owed £50, as per the note when booking the collection through the Sportsshoes.com link, see attached pic. Who can I claim through, and what can I do to escalate this matter as its incredibly frustrating at present. Any help would be hugely appreciated. All the best.
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