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  1. Hi, I sent the SB letter to capquest which they got on 11th December according to tracking. . Today I got another letter wanting payment to cabot and a couple of phone calls too! Do I just ignore?
  2. I've not had any debts with Cabot that I am aware of.... The two CCJs sadly are totally legitimate - I got the paperwork but didn't do anything about it being a bit of an idiot I didn't even defend them. I thought it wasn't real but it was.
  3. Sadly no clue whatsoever, No mention to any other companies and this is the first correspondence I've had from Cabot Usually I would have expected the creditor to be the name of the original company not the debt collector that has sold it on as well.
  4. Hi, Looking for a bit of advice here last week I received a double letter in the same envelope - one from Cabot saying they've decided to place my account with Arrow Global and in the same envelope a letter from Arrow Global Capquest saying that Cabot have placed my account with them. It says the Creditor name is Cabot Financial UK Limited, has an original account number and capquest account reference and it says that I owe nearly £6500! I checked my credit file and can find no references to Cabot at all, there isn't any CCJ'S listed for them
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