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  1. Well I suppose its worth a try, got nothing to lose by sending a letter. Thanks
  2. Hi, The charging order on the MCE is in her friends name only, Back in 2004, I come across some paperwork and found out my wife had been giving her the money to go and pay the mortgage and she wasn't. Said friend said I will get a loan to pay off what I haven't been paying on the mortgage, little did my wife know that she had done it through Swift Advances for a sum of £28k, me and my wife were baffled all these years later, when I requested paperwork and saw the amount that she had borrowed. Yet we have no idea what happened to the money, she didnt drive o
  3. Hi, My wife finished the Mortgage off around 5 years ago, but her mate had also taken out a secured loan, in both their names in 2004. Me and my wife have just paid it off (Swift Advances), otherwise we would have paid the original amount about 3x. At this moment in time, no I do not know where she is, but I will have to probably pay to find her. When I found her myself last time which is around 7 years ago, I informed MCE Portfolio, and Also Swift Advances (Secured Debt) of her new address and her workplace. When she upped and left in 2011 I also contacted the pol
  4. Hi, no the debt got nothing to do with, it's in her name. I can tell you tomorrow when I'm home from work exactly what the wording says.
  5. Hi, I don't quite get what you mean. Sorry. What is totally worthless? The covenant is worthless?
  6. Hi Andy, My wife owns the house, it was a friend of hers, before I met her. There should be a covenant stating my wife owns 75% and she had 25% share, but the solicitor is no longer in business, I contacted the SRA and they don't know where the paperwork is, so we are in a conundrum, etc.
  7. Hi, Im new here and just after a little advice please. I got a letter from MCE Portfolio for a sum of £3021.41 for someone that used to live at our house with us, but left 9 years ago. The debt is in her name for something to do with Clydesdale Bank/Yorkshire bank. To cut a long story short, they put a charge against my house, because her name was still on the mortgage. I was going through some old paperwork and seen it was dated 2013. I am thinking about contacting them to see if I can pay it off to get the charge removed before I re-approach her to rem
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