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  1. HI, Sorry should maybe have been clearer, What my point was they have used covid for one part of the criteria, and flexi retired, and then long serving, no consideration for those that are covered under the mental health act 2010, Advice I've been give and its only advice, was my disability is a protected characteristic, and I have other long term illnesses, Ive spoken to HR and they are saying the manager can choose who he likes, my thoughts are that by choosing High risk shielders, they are totally overlooking any forms of disability, hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance for any help you
  2. Evening all, I would be grateful for any advice please. I have worked for a local authority for 24 years, I recently put in a request for VR. This was refused on the basis that I did not fit the criteria. The criteria was = 1, Those who were HIGH risk shielders during lockdown in March, 2, Those already flexi retired/part time, 3, Lastly longest serving. I myself were classed as Moderate shielding so not excepted. However I am in the protected characteristic category re - Mental Health and other medical cond
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