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  1. Hi thanks for replying, The car was registered in 2009 ½, as I said a 59 plate. Mileage, when I got it it had circa 45K miles, it now has circa 72K miles. I have had it for 3 years almost to the month. I got it from a dealership in Loughborough, on the selling point that it was low mileage and was dealership serviced. Shortly after my return home to Southampton, I took it into my local dealership for a once over, part of which entailed one of their mechanics sitting with me while I drove around locally. I wanted them to take over looking after the car for me. Hope
  2. A few weeks ago my 59 plate Jetta was MOT'd and found to have rust/corrosion on the outside of the underfloor pan. The MOT chap said it was on the verge of being a MOT failure. Apart from it's last service (because I have no faith whatsoever in my local dealership due to a mass of other unresolved problems), it has been dealership serviced. Don't know what to do, or where to go for help and advice.
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