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  1. Hi thanks for your reply , no money has been taken from my Credit Card as my card was not linked or direct debit was not set up . it is a credit account / catalogue account , no money has been exchanged.
  2. Ok no problem , Monday I started to receive order confirmation emails from JDWilliams that i did not make ( 2 watches , football top and 2 perfume totaling £450 ) , i checked my JDWilliams account straight away and everything was as it should be with no pending orders . Tuesday I received two more emails this time from Hermes delivery service stating that they have received my orders and were out for delivery , after checking the tracking numbers , one delivery was ordered to my home address and another one to a location is Essex London with a unknown woman's
  3. A couple days ago i started to receive emails from JD Williams all with orders i did not make totalling £450 , two orders with my address listed and another two with a womans name and address in lodnon ( im from wales ) , , when i received the confirmation order emails i logged into my account and everything was as it should be (no pending orders) so thought it was a typical junk/scam email, when i received another order through my email it was bugging me i used the same email as the username and a very old password and it logged me into a old account i never knew e
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