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  1. I don't suppose anyone here can advise the best/most appropriate email address to send this letter to? Or should it be sent by post?
  2. Sorry for the delay, I'm a new mum and finding time for this is virtually impossible! I will attach my first draft for the Letter Before Action below (I am unsure whether I ought to include more detail or keep it brief as is). Many thanks once again.
  3. Morning, still no response from buyer so I am going to proceed with the first step to raise a Letter Before Action. Once I have put this together I will attach it here. Thanks
  4. Thanks @BankFodder You are correct with all points in your summary. I have contacted the buyer again to request this again. And yes electric guitar. Cheers
  5. Unfortunately the buyer has not responded to my request to provide a statement. Attaching file of images, hopefully this works (can't attach the pdf file for some reason) but will keep trying if this doesn't work.
  6. Ok thanks I'll do both these things. Yep there's an opportunity to access the lists of prohibited and non compensated items. I hadn't noticed this at the time of purchase as its so small and in the corner.
  7. Thanks both. Ok I now have photos of all of the questions the machine asks, which I will attach (I'll try this again when I'm home as I'm out just now and they're not loading). It does indeed ask the contents, of which I entered guitar. And the value, for which I entered the price the buyer paid, £263.00. I paid for cost of postage plus insurance plus signature.
  8. @BankFodderthank you, I am going to persevere as I feel so strongly about this. Out of interest, I am in Scotland, do you know if this will make any difference in regards to proceedings?
  9. @BankFodderthank you again for your reply, I really appreciate it. I will go through the machine procedure again today. I'm so relieved to hear you think I've got a good case against them. I have been sent my guitar back from the buyer and he has been refunded in full. I have photographs of the guitar dated day of listing on eBay and then the photos the buyer sent me of it damaged. Oh yes, huge lessons and I won't be putting anything of such value in the post again!
  10. Thank you very much for your reply! I definitely put the value when I purchased the insurance. I unfortunately can't remember if I stated what the item was but it would make sense that it would also request this information. (I used the oh-so-convenient ..tsk.. little machine in the shop that you just enter all the details into and it prints it out for you). I will research as to whether that was something I indeed needed to enter; if I did I certainly would have put guitar. I have photos of the guitar before posting but no pictures of it wrapped up unfortunately, as
  11. This was my first (and last!) experience using Hermes to deliver a parcel. I learnt the hard way... I posted a valuable item (my precious & perfect guitar) with Hermes that was delivered damaged. I paid for insurance and after an absolute nightmare getting in touch with them, then waiting 28 days, they said it is not covered. However the recipient stated there is signs of rough handling to the package, therefore Hermes are still at fault. When I responded with this to them they replied: ..."I assure you that any damage is not a lack of care from our cou
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