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  1. They didn't respond on MCOL, it's likely that Hermes made them respond. I will go ahead and post it still however. They merely just asked for the court documents, and then said the full amount will be credited on the 24th. 3rd Floor East Passage, London, England, EC1A 7LP Companies house number: 09026541 When checking again on companies house, it now says: Company status Dissolved Dissolved on 1 December 2020
  2. Just an update, the case was resolved, PackLink messaged me and paid out the full amount (including court fees) to me on the 24th. I will be closing the case formally on Tuesday with MCOL. Thank you all for your help!
  3. Just an update. My claim was transferred to my county court. Also today I received an email from PackLink: In response, I have just sent off the original Judgement that I had written up for both parties.
  4. Also for packlink, the last update on mcol website was that the judgement was issued to them, no response from them yet.
  5. I am unable to take pictures of the file and upload it to this website on my mobile device currently.
  6. Hermes only have assigned someone to respond to the case, but I am unable to file until it has past the date. The packlink address was based on information i researched online, the companies house identity was the only one affiliated with a courier company.
  7. So an update, on the Packlink option, after clicking through my information for the Judgement, I have the option to use the original PackLink address or to change it. After this I also have the option to file the full amount of the claim against them: As for Hermes, it still asks me to wait until the days have passed, which is odd.
  8. Ah I thought you meant in the actual MCOL claim, in the ebay listing yes, in the PackLink compensation claim yes as well, in the MCOL claim I made no mention aside from the value of the item. and just an update: I am able to request a judgement from the two separately. The claim was issued on the 13th, plus 5 days and another 14 days = 1st Nov my guess (not accounting for business days) This was also added:
  9. I did state the value of the item but not stating it was a laptop. The Judgement needs to pass the 14 day mark in order for me to submit, as it currently does not allow me. So I am waiting for this period to end.
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