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  1. I agree that is why I am here because my knowledge is very limited to anything like this, thank you so much for your help I sincerely appreciate your efforts to help me I will keep you posted on the results and given the information provided and the position I am in I may take it to the dealer to try work something out with him and hopefully we get a good result
  2. Ok thank you I just want to clarify that I WAS made aware that the car was/is cat D that the passenger mirror is not the original and that the parking aid alert sounds off when reversing or parking, also upon my own inspection found a cracked drivers mirror casing and drivers side rear tail light casing was damaged I'm ok with that but what I wasn't made aware of is that the cruise control doesn't work, the back drivers side child lock doesn't operate correctly, the sunroof has a fault of sorts, the engine IAT sensor has a fault, one of the
  3. I only have a very brief description of the faults hand written by the auto electrician which are as follows Engine - IAT sensor - grill shutter stuck ABS - comms with restraint module Body module - sunroof global open/close control - left low beam - image processing module Cruise. - forward looking sensor Drivers door mirror - puddle lamp Headlamp module - left hand corner lamp Passenger door - mirror fold relay - puddle lamp
  4. I should point out that he only agreed to repair the cruise control and nothing else he basically said that all cars would throw up fault codes even his brand new range rover would but also different diagnostic machines wil bring up different codes the problem is 1 of the codes were an engine related code and according to a Ford mechanic is worrying
  5. Ok thank you so much for the advice, I was under the same impression that because I agreed to the repair I waived some rights in a sense but I questioned myself on the fact that he pulled the warranty card and I didn't know better so on that basis I was misled so where do I actually stand.
  6. Thank you for your reply the dealer is beechwood autos Ltd https://www.beechwoodautos.co.uk/ based in kirby in Ashton Nottinghamshire, also I only agreed to the repair due to not knowing my rights at the time but also not knowing that I would find more problems and faults with the car, would this matter in my case or have I still given up my 30 day rights as suggested? thanks
  7. Is this accurate even if I was talked into letting him fix it meaning that I have changed my mind on the matter and would prefer a refund instead
  8. Advice needed please, I bought a cat D/N car on 2/10/2020 I was told on the phone before going to see it that the parking sensor alert would sound when reversing, which I was ok with, I went to see this car and looked around it and saw bits of damage to the driver’s mirror, drivers rear light cluster and left passenger wing which again wasn’t too much of a problem, I took it for a test drive for 2 minutes all seemed fine (barring the sensor alert) but it drove quite nice I bought it using a credit card and part exchanged my current car, in total the car cost £
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