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  1. Spent some time reading through threads, is there a global thread that has a list of the acronyms used? I'm finding some of the language confusing.
  2. Ok, so I've submitted my brief defence and just been to the post office to send the CPR. Is the ball now in their court and I'm waiting for a reply via MCOL or is there something else I should be doing? Cheers
  3. Sorry I guess I messed up, I thought I read somewhere to leave that as late as possible to give them as little time to respond. Clearly wrong, does it harm me now? Is my brief defence ok? Cheers
  4. Sorry I haven't got back with the defence sooner, other things came up but I still have time to submit and this is what I've come up with after reading other success threads. Should I go ahead and proceed or do I need to make any changes? Also I have the standard CPR ready to post and I've attached it here. Is everything OK and should I go ahead with submission and posting? 1. It is denied that any contract was entered into between the Defendant and the Claimant. 2. It is denied that the keeper of the vehicle broke any contract with the claimant
  5. Thanks Dave, I'll get onto working on a defense first thing tomorrow. In the meantime I was wondering if you could clear something up for me? I notice that the court that they've filed in is in Northamptonshire, however I was under the impression that any court action would be local to the defendant. Do I need to request that they move to my local county court (and if so what's the procedure) or am I in for a 4 hour drive?
  6. I've had time to familiarise myself with with the process by reading some more threads. I've acknowledged service via MCOL and below is as @brassneckedadvised I should post. Name of the Claimant ? Link Parking Limited 4 King Square Bridgwater Somerset TA6 3YF Date of issue – 15 DEC 2020 Particulars of Claim What is the claim for – 1.The Claim is for the sum of £210 being contractual charges due from the Defendant in respect of 2 Parking Charge Notices for contractual breaches which occurred betwee
  7. Thanks I'll give that a thorough read through when I get a chance later today. I called the court and they confirmed the letter had been sent out and to give it a few more days. However they are going to be closed from next week until January 4th. The problem here is my notice to reply expires on that day and so if I dont get the letter between now and then I won't have the opportunity to respond. The person on the phone explained that he can email me an acknowledgement of service which extends my reply period by 14 days and so I have until the 18th to respond. Does th
  8. UPDATE: So it looks like they are/have proceeded with court action? Attached is a copy of a letter I got today, I have not yet received the letter which they reference from the County Court Business Centre. I'm guessing not being in receipt of that letter doesn't absolve me of anything since I've received this one. Problem is I don't know what to do now in order to respond. Scan 18 Dec 2020.pdf
  9. The owner of the flat (not the building or land owner) said that visitor spaces were available marked with a V. The private spaces which require a permit have to be applied for and these spaces are marked with numbers e.g. flat number 5 gets parking space number 5. At first I thought I had made a mistake and the parking spaces were marked in roman numerals (meaning V would not be visitor but 5 instead), but they are not. There is no information on where to obtain visitor permits, nobody appears to have any clue, I called the ground rent collectio
  10. Hi DX!, I hope you aren't working too hard, you seem to find my posts no matter what time of day they are posted. So the suggestion here is radio silence until I receive a court date? cheers.
  11. UPDATE: I sent off my response letter and they have come back with the following response - see attached pdf with identifiable information redacted. What's my next step here? I feel like they are sticking on the fact that my car was not displaying a permit, which is true. But there is no information anywhere on site on where to obtain a "valid parking permit" and as explained earlier in the thread a "valid parking permit" is not required for "genuine visitors" as stated by a notice on the information board inside the building where I was parked.
  12. If you guys get me through this i'll happily throw some money at the forum! Better here than in the hands of parasites. I chose to post here rather than there as the threads here seem far more useful and easy to follow.
  13. @dx100ukFair enough, i'll go ahead and get a reply sorted pending any further replies from other users and have it going first thing Monday. I think this is the first time seeing the email thing on the many threads on many forums i've visited I guess I must have missed it but have mentally noted it should I end up here again (I always pay parking fees if applicable, this is the first time this has happened to me in almost 14 years of driving!). @FTMDave Your info about appealing contradicts some of the stuff I read over at moneysavingexpert a few months back, they
  14. Thanks to the abundance of information out there I just decided against using the IAS as the same outcome was expected and it wouldn't have helped/hindered my case moving forward so would've just been a colossal waste of time. Correct me if i'm wrong but it's actually worth going through the other trade body who's name escapes me right now so for anyone else in a similar position but with a different parking company I would advise checking which trade body they are a part of. As for the reply you wrote in regards to the letter, is it going to hurt me if it moves as far
  15. @FTMDave Ah thanks for the edit, I didn't realise this was a thing they did although now you mention it i'm not surprised it's a thing they do lol. Is there somewhere I can find a template for my reply to the letter I'm not really sure what I need to put, do I outline my case again, or do I just put "I'm not paying" in caps size 32 font. Should I respond with recorded delivery or is email acceptable? I created a gmail address specifically for this when I made my first appeal that cannot be traced back to "The Driver" as the appeal was as "The Keeper".
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