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  1. I was on top of the world to be honest, it was just the whole way they went about it, the salary, benefits and title were all agreed during contract negotiations, the title was even tweaked and agreed with them, I haven’t been there 48hrs and they are moving the goal posts. I will just see what happens over the coming days. Thanks
  2. He has said just the title, but apparently he is handing it over to HR to deal with now, so who knows where it will go if I cave in.
  3. Started a new job this week, negotiated the salary, and working terms over the last week. On my third day and my manager has come to me and apologised saying there has been an error with the job title and it needs to change. During the offer and negotiations it was “Head Of” X X I asked for an additional word in the title for clarity of area which they agreed to. I have a contract signed by the ceo which I have counter signed with that job title. They are saying due to said mistake it needs to be changed to X X “manager”, apparently the job is all the same, problem is
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