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  1. Yes i would be willing to do this BUT only after I resolve the matter for my brother. I would need to investigate the legal position as i understand calls may only be legally recorded for personal and evidential use. C
  2. Thank you both. I do in fact record the calls from Capquest but it has to be set up manually on each call (iPhone means it has to be routed through a third party). So I already have around 40 of them recorded with me giving the very same detailed reason as to why I wont let them speak to my brother directly and pointing out the item they are chasing is Statute Barred. My brother wouldn't have known how to set up the call record or indeed the reason for wanting to do it in the first place. i blame myself for my lapse on that one, but i wont make that mistake again.
  3. Guys and Gals hi First post and sorry its a long one. Mods please feel free to move / amend this if its in the wrong place. My brother has severe mental health difficulties which have resulted in him being formally held in several secure psychiatric hosptials for much of the last 6 years. He is currently on an extended stay under Section 3 of the MHA. My sister in law (his wife) holds Lasting Powers of Attorney over his financial and property affairs and also his Health and Welfare Affairs. These were put into place a few years ago at the suggestion of hi
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