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  1. I realise that this Iooks like our fault having a loose handle and it’s our word against his. But can’t understand have the handle could have broken glass without force or pressure which is probably irrelevant. And I think it will be unlikely the engineer will admit to it or I doubt we’d be able to chat with him. So realistically I don’t think there is anything that could be done? But they did have wrong oven details? Yet as the oven fault was not electrical and we don’t have appliance cover with them they proceeded to Quote an unrepairable figure based on an oven model that doesn’t exist. Yet when we corrected them and told them it was Miele after they looked at oven they didn’t even say they didn’t deal with Miele appliances. So dispite breaking oven door which I doubt will get resolved they haven’t dealt with things correctly.
  2. £95 we paid was with 247 homerescue for excess
  3. No we got in touch with 247 homerescue who arranged an appointment with an engineer. The confirmation text was from 0800 repair.
  4. But they came out because of we thought it was an electrical fault. Then they shouldn’t have proceeded to work out the £657 cost of repair and deem it to expensive to fix if we’re not covered for appliances. Yet I don’t understand how they even worked out £657 with the incorrect model? Basically they should have told us that it isn’t an electrical fault and we’re not covered by appliances and say that they don’t deal with Miele.
  5. 15/11/19 was when we took the policy out with them. And we’re have the £12.99 cover with them. https://247homerescue.co.uk/second-step/?groupID=7&planName=24|7 Boiler Basic&excessValue=95&paymentFrequency=12 This policy doesn’t cover appliances but it does cover electrical problems and we thought that the problem with the oven was caused by the electrics as the fuse blew when we turned the oven on. So that’s why we contacted them.
  6. Sorry but there’s something I didn’t explain from the start. A few months ago the oven door handle had come loose and one of the screws popped out on fell out into the slight narrow gap between oven and cabinet casing that can be seen when oven door is opened. So screw fell under oven. So door handle was left hanging down vertically On one side by one screw. I told repair guy to be careful of handle but he blamed the breakage on the handle. My husband just came home and the company phoned him earlier said repair guy admits breaking glass but was down to the loose handle. It seems strange that the handle could break the glass but I suppose it’s our word against his. Also what about the fact that our appliance is listed with them as neff? We mentioned from the start it was Miele and have corrected them since when we noticed the report mentioned Neff. Surely they’re in the wrong for dealing with this if they don’t cover Miele appliances. They shouldn’t have agreed to come out and look at oven.
  7. No idea why they have neff quoted! We have told the since it’s a Miele.
  8. The model number is h2361b and it outer oven glass door that broke and on spare so web I see on outer glass panel costing £309 yet it lists the model no as h2361bp not h2361b so not sure if that would be compatible. Yet probably irrelevant if they don’t cover Miele. They’re wrong for not telling us this in the first place although my husband who deals with this should have checked his policy thoroughly.
  9. The cost of the broken door doesn’t come into this. They say they the have now knowledge of broken door apart from our say so and we’ve been told to contact their complaints dept about this. So the £650 they came up with and £95 call out charge doesn’t include any door cost.
  10. Nope not payed for element just a call out fee. Not sure which policy we have with them. Husband says he’ll look when he finishes work in an hour.
  11. I haven’t put anything I writing to them yet.
  12. I keep referring to cost of element because they say won’t repair it at it their estimated repair value of £657 as they deem its too expensive to repair. Yet I don’t believe that it will cost that much to buy and fit an element. So why are they saying £657 then! If they acknowledged the broken door then I’d understand it costing £657 but not just for cost of element. And I have money to buy a new oven now. So how do I start a claim process, thanks?
  13. Also I think I paid I paid £657 in the sale so is worth more. So I reckon for a model the same spec and quality as Miele probably about £799 I’m managing with a hob and combi microwave. Here’s the correspondence from them https://customer.0800repair.com/cf8d1c46-7090-47a0-8d43-9ba271e3f8e7 Husband phoned yesterday still don’t know about broken glass door to which they tell us to contact their complaints dept about. Tried to get them to explain what the £657 repair cost is for which they say is too expensive and they won’t repair. Because my understanding is the £89.99 cost of element plus labour. Which to me shouldn’t cost £657 and as they say they don’t know anything about the broken door, hence that cost not included. So I can’t understand why they’ve come up with a figure of £657 and when I tried to ask about it they said they don’t have that info to hand. The technicians have that.
  14. Didn’t mean to quote the words back. The oven is nearly 6yrs old. Miele element costs £89.99 and the outer glass door doesn’t seem to be available any more. Yet looking at prices of other Miele models outer doors found prices to be £250 and £350
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