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  1. Am I doing the right thing in emailing and then posting the letter using "signed for" delivery? And should I tell him I'm following the email with the letter? Thanks
  2. Sounds good to me. I'll l get it off to them in the morning. I have kept them informed. I told them before I took it to Truma that I wasn't prepared to allow it to drag on any longer so I would get it repaired myself and send them the invoice so that they could reimburse me. I told them earlier today that my claim was with them and not an insurance company that I don't have a policy with.I also said that I'm not obliged to have a repair done "in house" under warranty as the van was faulty when they sold it and they'd had the chance to repair it. But I'll happily say it again a
  3. No I've not sent it. I'll hang fire until you advise me again. I understand everything you've said about Marquis, you've expressed my feelings exactly. I've been on forums, review sites and been blocked from posting on their Facebook site. I know that my claim is against them alone. I have no connection with Global insurance whatever, they provide GAP insurance/Asset protection which Marquis sells to customers, that's as much as I know about them. I kept the paperwork with the offer of insurance that I was given. This last reply from them has made me quite angry actually as I fe
  4. Don't understand how I can claim against a company I haven't got a policy with? Also the van was faulty when they sold it so so how can they say that any work has to be done under their warranty. I forget to say thanks!
  5. The insurance we were offered was "GAP" insurance.. They called it Asset protection. We didn't take it out. It was not an extended warranty I am sending a letter of claim now. Emailing it and sending by "signed for" in the morning. I'll give them 14 days as you suggested. Many thanks
  6. Reply from Marquis... I've googled Globalim and it looks like they are an insurance company, first I've heard of them. I'd probably accept the £421. But surely my claim is against Marquis not the insurance whoever they are. I was offered Asset protection insurance at a cost of £443 which i declined, Global are the company on the paperwork I was given that day.
  7. We collected the van from Truma yesterday. They have replaced the circuit board in the boiler, given it an extensive test and the total cost is £421. Less than were were fearing. Of course I've had to pay. Can I now try my hand and forward the bill to Marquis? Should I carry on talking to the After Sales manager or try to go to the Branch Manager? Many thanks
  8. Yes you're right . Thanks. I'll post tomorrow when I know the damage
  9. I think the whole industry needs shaking up.. Such large amounts of money are taken and appalling service is given in so many cases
  10. Eddie Ruddy, he works at the Dinnington branch. You'veprobably heard of Alan Docherty he's the After Sales guy for the group, his reputation goes before him I think
  11. I think that I've perhaps not properly explained what's happened so far. I hope this helps. We informed Marquis of the fault with the boiler on August 4th It was taken to them on August 24th and we collected the van on September 4th. Marquis couldn't find anything wrong with it and hadn't done any further investigations. We rang them again on September 14th to tell them it still wasn't working. They hadn't got back to me on the 16th so I informed them by email that I wasn't prepared for the situation to continue indefinitely and that I had booked and engineer to look at it and tha
  12. Marquis were already given a chance to repair and returned it to me saying nothing was wrong with it but they hadn't done any investigations. So do I no longer have a claim? The assessment by the manufacturers is being done and they may or may not be repairing it at the same time. Thanks
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