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  1. Just an update Just received another letter explaining they are here to help and have many plans in place to help me I think best to ignore and wait until they threaten legal action before I request a CCA any advice appreciated
  2. thank you for all your replies I will write to them confirming new address and asking for a CCA take car all
  3. Hi Thanks for post, that has really worried me about contacting them confirming I live here. On the letter it states they have verified the address I was hoping I could now just monitor the letters and reply at the appropriate time if needed with CCA. If I confirm I live here that will blow my statue barred strategy out of the water? again appreciate your advice
  4. Hi RBS card was taken out in 2011, default date 2013 £5.5k balance Yes moved house a couple of times thank you both for replying means alot
  5. Good afternoon, I have just had the first letter from Cabot debt agency chasing a credit card debt for 2012 for £5.5 k, welcoming me to there company. My last payment was 5.5 years ago so I have only 6 months to go before it is statue barred. If I send a prove it letter and they come back with CCA proof will that mean the the clock starts again from 0? I am wondering about delay tactics to try and get beyond the 6 years Am I correct and assuming as long as they issue a court claim before the 6 year anniversary I will not be able to use the statue barred
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