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  1. Thank you dx100uk. I thought that after I posted the attachment and was about to edit it so thank you for removing it. Thought it would be the standard SB letter. Thank you for your advice
  2. Hello to you wonderful people at this brilliant forum! would like to pick your brains if you had had experience with any scruples tactics of the parasitic debt collector Capquest!!! In a past life I was silly with money and got into a lot of debt! I behave in a much different manner these days and all my past debts are very old and long Statute Barred. But as everyone at this forum has experienced old debts rear their ugly heads at times! For years I have ignored the letters that come through the letterbox every now and then but this year I decided i
  3. BankFodder, any communication with them will be simply laid on the line in no uncertain terms! Explaining the situation simply meant I would tell them like it is, for which they know anyway! I shall email and send a recorded letter. Thank you so much for your advice BankFooder your a legend!
  4. This is what I was concern about some kind of backdoor CCJ! Obviously I would defend any CCJ if this happed! I shall write to them explaining the situation in this case. What is the best way too contact these kind of companies theses days? Is via the standard recorded mail or will an email be sufficient enough?
  5. Over the past few weeks, I have had the wonderful people from “Resolvecrawl” sorry I mean “Resolvecall” write to me over a very old credit card debt from 2004 and I am fully aware is long Statue Barred! Certainly, no payment or any acknowledgment has been made since 2004! one of those lovely computer-generated letters from them stated that a representative of theirs would visit my property to discuss the debt if I did not contact them within 14 days. I waited for the visit and unfortunately I was not at home when a hand delivered card was put through my letter box asking
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