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  1. Wow - thank you everyone for your help. I've contacted Morrisons and the person on the phone sounded very promising. Will fill out form after work today!
  2. Has anyone had any thoughts on what I should appeal to on the second appeal? Many many thanks - an unhappyperson
  3. Hi all, I'm writing on behalf of another person who just read this. I've made an account to post up a very relevant question. They have a ticket from exact same car park for £60, turning into £100, for not buying a ticket... They had no idea you even had to buy a ticket, but that is besides the point. Here are the facts about what has happened and actions taken: -the ticket is addressed to the wrong person - a certain person was driving the car but they've addressed the ticket to a different person, the car owner. -the certain person driving the car has a screenshot from online banking of £10+ pounds being spent in Morrisons -the certain person does not have any kind of receipt for the ticket that was bought for the car [which either was lost, wasn't bought properly or didn't exist in the first place ], but DOES have the evidence of spending at Morrisons which I think might give the person free reign in the car park -the owner of the car sent the ticket to the certain person driving the car, who made an appeal with his/her name as the name provided (even though the ticket is to the car owner) with a completely random explanation about how money was spent at Morrisons. This complaint was naively sent before doing the proper research and finding this incredible website. So, what action should be taken? -As i understand it from this thread, they have broken some kind of GDPR in getting the details of the car owner. -They have the wrong person on the ticket -There is evidence of £10+ being spent at Morrisons on that day at that exact time, which could be leveraged! As a first appeal has already been sent, does anyone have any good advice on what second appeal to launch (once the first one comes back to the certain person, i'm assuming)? Many many many thanks for your help in advance, and for the help you'll undoubtedly give to anyone suffering the horrendous fate of Butterfly Walk Car Park and Civil Enforcement, A very annoyed friend of a certain person
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