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  1. Thanks all. Wanted to post an update for people that come across threads like these and are not updated. As per advice i have written to the banks in Dubai and advised no access to previous address, telephone number or email and that my current address in the UK is different to the one they have on file. To which i provided my new address in the UK. Sent to two banks and both banks returned my letters with post it notes asking for account numbers. I replied with all identifiable information, bank cards, account numbers, photos etc. and advised to contact me through letter as only option of correspondence. I have tried calling them and without an OTP response they will not discuss my accounts with me. It was a Dubai number that i no longer have access to. I have not heard anything from the banks since. I have updated the electoral roll with said address IDRWW however have sent multiple e-mails and have sent 2 introductory letters to my address, either the bank has informed them or i expect they checked my credit file for my new address. None have been responded to yet. I am now working and am in a position to start paying back my debts, however as the banks last correspondence via email was police case and full amount etc. and not being able to speak to anyone on the phone regarding my debts i am unsure how to approach. I would like to open dialogue with them but i fear what i can afford to pay each month will not suffice. I have been reading many a thread and can see each individual case is different. For those that win the process is long and drawn out, time consuming and looks very stressful so would be keen to avoid but will need to wait and see.
  2. No i dont have a CCJ but i have read a lot about the backdoor CCJ’s that are given. i was asking that if i write to the banks and update them of my new address, what if idrww have note of my old address and instruct a solicitor acting on the banks behalf to send the letter of claim to my old address? could i then get the ccj removed by proving i sent documentation to the bank of my new address which was not followed by the solicitor acting on behalf of the bank? as of now i have not communicated anything with anyone.
  3. Sorry, i dont understand the question. Could you elaborate please? Am i to send a letter to the dubai banks for my new address? Am i to ignore all DCA contacts - including not writing to them to update an address in case a letter of claim came from one of their solicitors to my old address that i have no access to?
  4. yes to all of it? Including to IDRWW? Would me writing to the banks in Dubai of a new address to contact me on via special delivery mean a backdoor ccj would be removed as they are using an old address?
  5. Happy to have it here as well, i will post updates until the very end so people can see the full cycle that will happen with my case. The address the bank has in Dubai is an old address i no longer have access too. My credit report is updated with a recent address that i do have access to but is a different address to the one the bank in Dubai has. Is it worth me writing to the banks in Dubai to cover myself from a backdoor ccj to the address i no longer have access too? I have had another email from IDRWW yesterday, is it worth just writing to them with an address to contact me on as to not miss any important documents?
  6. Okay. a CCJ would be absolutely detrimental for me and have only had the first email IDRWW. should i contact the banks and try to arrange a payment plan? Based on the other threads i see they dont play ball with these and refuse point blank. I would now be able to make some repayments as i now have a job in the UK but not the repayments i was making whilst i was there. im really stuck what to do. Alot of the the times i can see that it doesnt go to court and that’s it but sometimes it does and no one really can see why they do/or dont. i know you both give sound advice all the time so really any help or direction would help me mentally. thanks all.
  7. Thanks Andy. If it ever goes to court and the judge rules in their favour; can a payment plan we set up then and not have a CCJ on your record?
  8. If the solicitors issue the claim in the banks name here and we follow the advice as suggested then we should be okay or a chance in us losing?
  9. @unclebulgaria67 thank you for the insight. What normally happens if the debt is referred back to the UAE banks?
  10. @dx100uk @Andyorch dear both, has there been any claims for UAE debt that has gone to UK courts and been successful for the UAE banks? If so could you point me in the direction where i can learn how/why this happened? not backdoor CCJ’s but after following the templates and request for info on this forum? so many threads on here have no endings. thank you both.
  11. @rgainethat’s great thank you. can you share your twitter with me via message as i saw on your other posts you tweet about this sort of stuff? where are you currently with your situation, have you ever had letters of claim to go a uk court? your story sounds so tough and for so long, i can’t begin to imagine what it must be like for you.
  12. I will do as and when but would also like to understand the likelihood of this going all the way? I have no assets and will be renting a room in a shared house. just want to confirm that i should not respond to any letters, emails or calls unless it is a letter of claim?
  13. Thanks @dx100uk so when i get settled, i should provide them with an up to date address? debt is around 50k aed - what is likelihood they will issue a letter of claim? reading all the other threads. The issue if claim needs to come from the bank itself in the UAE as the owner of the debt and DCA such as IDRWW cannot commence proceedings on their own? just want to be crystal clear what to do, when do it and how to approach.
  14. Hi there, I have read many threads on here but just need some clarification on what to do next. Had a credit card in Dubai, made redundant in April 2020 still have no job in the UK and no money. Latest address on credit file is a friends address for paperwork to go to whilst i was away and address not updated as no proper address (should have one soon) IDRWW are chasing me for the the first time with the email below. I have read in other posts i should update my address with IDRWW, dispute and dont admit to the debt and ignore any future correspondence? Is this correct and if i do this then at what stage or what letter should make me reply/react/do something? All social media has been lockedown or removed. Seems to be a lot of threads that just drop off so i will continue this thread with updates and timelines for a structured approach and actions to take. Any help is greatly appreciated. @dx100uk the Middle East to deal with a number of liabilities owed by individuals resident here in the UK. All of our work in this respect is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK (under FCA licence number 737367). A liability in your name features on a portfolio which we have been instructed to manage. We have been provided with this email address for you, so our intention is for all communications to be directed to this email address. That said, we know and are sensitive to the fact that debt is a serious and very worrying issue for many people - so we do not want to increase that burden by communicating with you through inconvenient channels. Accordingly, if you do not want to be contacted via this email address, please let us have an alternative means of communication, within the next 7 days; either a telephone number, a residential address or an alternative email address. If you do not take up this opportunity to direct us down a particular communication path (or paths) then we will assume that the continued use of this email address for communication is acceptable to you going forward.
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