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  1. Right last version before I throw it in the Post. Dear Civil Enforcement Limited (CEL) I write in response to your Letter Before Action - Claim for Debt , which I have received in relation to PCN Number: xxx I am writing to notify you that I have no intention of paying these ridiculous invented penaltys, for allegedly breaking an imaginary contract with yourselves. Muddied misplaced signage does not magically create a contract, that after having paid for a ticket, of which you are well aware, allow you to harass and extort me for money. Especiall
  2. Using miley_b ob 's great letter as a template, is the below along the right lines: Dear Civil Enforcement (CEL) Limited I write in response to your Letter Before Action - Claim for Debt , which I have received in relation to PCN Number: ?????, you have issued in response to a case I have explained is baseless. I am writing to notify you that I have no intention of paying these ridiculous and made-up sums of money, for allegedly breaking some imaginary contract with yourselves. Expecting me to pay you a baseless fine for not entering my cars registrati
  3. Thanks DX100uk, Will dig in. If there's a specific article to look at I'd appreciate the link. I assume I write them a letter stating that the claim is unjustified etc. Will look for templates on the forum. Thanks for all your on going help. Obviously don't want to give these buggers anything if I don't have to.
  4. Right, A big boy come this time, Should I be getting my ducks in a row now? I assume I can use the included form to request their cctv records of the day, and their planning permission for signage and ANPR cameras in the car park? Or is it time to suck it up, pay them a stupid amount of money and save myself from having my credit score buggered? Cheers all Y PCN-250321s.pdf
  5. Just to keep things updated, Just received the below, it appears a debt collection group have taken over the case and will be the ones to take me to court. Also very useful that I received the letter on Sunday, missing the payment date stated in the letter. Just wondering if now is a good time to contact Civil Enforcement Limited regarding the CCTV footage of the Carpark, as if it does go to court this will be the best piece of evidence in my defence? Will have a look for a letter template for requesting this in the forums, but if someone has a direct link I'd appreciate it.
  6. Hi all, Just wanted to check in with the latest nonsense from these guys. They say the debt will be passed to a collection agency, is that even possible with out going to court? Their threats seem to just skip this part of the process out? Should I be responding to them that I will happily discuss the case in court. Just getting wary of sitting on an ever mounting, if total tosh, bill. All the best, David final reminder.pdf
  7. Thanks lookforinfo, think I’m having a crisis of confidence, guess that’s the idea though! You’ve all been a massive help.
  8. ...no, but I guess I am pre-empting. If I do receive a 'letter of claim', this is the information I have on my side. If I do receive a Letter of Claim, will I be liable for the Unicorn Tax, as a previous poster so wonderfully put it. Or will I only be held for the £100 fine? I'm just getting the fear I guess, while I know that I am in the right, I'm just getting worried they will hit me with a whopping bill for making them escalate it to court, then that I don't have enough on my side in defence. I realise this may be the result of watching far too many crime dramas. Ag
  9. Morrisons want nothing to do with it, literally washing their hands of the entire thing. The only thing I have in defence of my claim, is my bank statement showing an £8 transaction in that Morrisons with no further details. Morrisons now have no record of their CCTV or the transaction, as it was too late when I requested it. All the CCTV in the Car Park is owned by the car park. So when claiming in previous appeals the CCTV would show I paid, they know that I don't have that footage, I could request the footage, but will involve getting backing in touch wit
  10. Update with the notice from the DVLA, The signage in the Car Park states that all claims will be followed up by CEL, am I right in thinking that it's against DVLA rules because CEL are not the Carpark Owner and it's illegal to apply for records for a non member. IE CEL were allowed to get my data, but not to chase it on behalf of the car park? I guess this is the tricky bit, I am up against CEL, and they were wrong to obtain my information as they are not the owner of the carpark? Thanks all! David CEL_DVLA.pdf
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