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  1. hi cant find old thread, had a capital on tap business card (new wave) defaulted dec 2019, quickly sold to Capquest, capquest then arrow were never able to prove the debt or provide a statement with losses, even admitting one doesnt exist after i complained (probably why it was sold on by original creditor) that was beginning of last year, now they say its been transferred to drydens solicitors, in a letter i received to day, so what can i expect i really thought this had gone away , without any proof of loss they cant go to court surely? and they 'own' drydens, so its hardly been transferred out of arrow
  2. so 8 weeks has passed, this 'hoopers' arent responding to booking emails they instructed me to use as communication, so cant yet organise their review. Hastings dont respond anymore either, i've tried to involve suzuki finance too as its 'their' car, but they dont seem interested unless it was a total loss, and said cant help i want to start the court action, as ive just had enough to clarify 1)i claim as an individual against Hastings Direct of Hastings Insurance Services ltd 2) i claim under consumer rights act ? breach of contract?? as the legal basis? 3)what i claim for is costs to repair i have quotes for ? or performance of contract to force to repair car 4)i claim diminuition of value? is this based on evidence or 10% rule (as car was less than one year old when damaged) thanks for help
  3. I was maybe thinking , if he knew he would write report accurately - and insurers would deal with and fix rather than do a standard denial type report , to get out of it which I then completely challenge with the cctv and prolong the agony of this drama I never thought dealing with an insurance company would be this bad when evidence is so complete but I see what you are saying , ill just point out the damage and see what he comes back with
  4. Ok- should I watch assessor do inspection and should I casually drop in conversation that I hold all this cctv evidence ? or keep quiet ?
  5. Still awaiting water damage video - it’s being done Monday, but Early indications, seem to point to no water damage so update is still no response to complaint by Hastings due by Monday for 8 weeks but been contacted today from hoopers to say they have been asked to independently assess vehicle, but trust pilot reviews are awful and says they are not independent my main question is about evidence so I have videos of water coming in car from first screen fitting , cctv of fitter flicking black primer and Mastic on bonnet and trying to clean off , cctv of fitters admitting it’s still whistling and parts snapped off windscreen on last visit and photos of headliner damage so if assessor comes out and says nothing wrong or damage not made by the fitters or fault insurance , and I inform him on cctv camera (what evidence I hold before he starts) then Surely he would be committing a fraud just trying to prepare for them trying to wiggle out of it I mean I’ve sent all the concrete evidence so why do they need another assessment ?
  6. will hang fire a second , suzuki have agreed to take in tomorrow and do comprehensive report and lift carpets dash etc, for flood damage when it was under two/three inches of water for a week when first installer chap, trapped locator pin and water ran down front of my windscreen on inside (admitted by installer and two videos) as car still condensates and is a little smelly they said , there may be rust, corroded parts , airbags maybe affected etc they will also type up about the headliner damage as they said photos i sent are such sloppy damage thats happened prob is now keeping this claim under 10K
  7. yes they do- i thought it was worth doing as it explains why im claiming (what got me to this stage) what evidence i hold and maybe goes to a different dept ? who isnt going to go through the whole case file probably and just read letter in isolation
  8. here is my draft LBA does it look ok? im obviously awaiting some figures i shall get today hastings LBA CAG.pdf
  9. Just don’t want it to be a defence to a court claim - that they weren’t allowed opportunity - just trying to cover all bases as far as I’m concerned - car is damaged - needs to be fixed by them irrespective of investigation -it’s their responsibility to fix my car - just trying to take the correct steps
  10. they wont answer my question about getting car fixed, they just say, we have to do an investigation and we are allowed 8 weeks to answer -to see if we have to fix it at all
  11. will they not argue , you didnt let us finish our investigation , so didnt give us the opportunity to decide to repair ourselves
  12. Independent company windscreen fitter been, is preparing quote to remove, find installation fault , and also quote for new windscreen if this one cant be used- he also saw and has pointed out , the inside headline on my car has black glue on it and has been cut on the other side too (ive taken photos of this ) and will need a new headliner too! so once i have two quotes/reports i plan to send to insurer. Do i say this must be fixed within xx amount of days ie 14 or i shall authorise the work myself and court claim bonnet respray £xxxx new headliner £xxxxx windscreen repair /replacement £xxxxxx diminuition in value £6000 as couldnt sell in dec when took delivery of new car (if this can be claimed )
  13. as an outsider looking in, and being the victim of a gambling addict which stole all our business cash, taking it and placing it in his own account and the bookies -destroying said business i might have a biased view of this -so i apologise in advance once you passed 16k savings you had to inform dwp and stop tax credits , so depending when this happened /threshold was passed everything after (universal credit received) -if investigated would have to be repaid, and they may prosecute if its a large amount - you havent said if any is earnings - do you work ? while the occasional big win is unlilely yo be highlighted with the DWP, regular winnings (which you seem to indicate) can be a different story there are recent cases of the DWP examining gambling winnings and classing them as payments and regular income
  14. department of work and pensions the ones that issue universal credits i believe , when you applied for universal credits, you would of had to declare your savings and income, earnings/deposits going into account, but your suggesting you get 12-20k per month paid in in cash and then other large amounts paid in deposits so are you saying none of these amounts are income or earnings ? you cannot claim universal credits if have over 16k in savings
  15. still awaiting paint quote, should come through today they returned my call, and refused to agree to fix my car, as they had 8 weeks to investigate (4 weeks in already) i said , investigation and complaint is almost irrelevant, you have damaged my car and need to fix it now ive sent reports and CCTV of damage being done and cctv of agents admitting its a damaged screen in my car- so you cannot refute that your agents caused the damage no matter how long you investigate so still cant sell car and dropped another 2k in value, i did ask them where i send my letter of claim, and now they seem to have transferred to another senior advisor
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